Top Dentists: General Dentists


Stanley B. Foxman, DDS, FAGD

Randolph Medical Center
4701 Randolph Road

N. Bethesda/Rockville, MD 20852

Know yourself, know your patients: that is the mantra of this award-winning practice. Here we focus on quality care, taking the time to address patient anxieties and concerns and to partner with you. Our practice is “silver free” (amalgam free). Magnificent smiles are a passion here. Dr. Foxman chairs the peer review committee of the Dental Society and serves as an expert for the Board of Dental Examiners. We welcome second opinions and IME exams.


Chong Lee, DDS

Galleria Dental Aesthetics
1600 Tysons Blvd.
Suite 120

McLean, VA 22102

With over 45 years of combined aesthetic dentistry experience, Dr. Chong Lee and Dr. Joseph Oh offer comprehensive dental services including Neuromuscular (TMJ), Sedation, Orthodontics and more. Dr. Lee is a member of the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the Virginia Dental Association. He has been honored by his peers as a Top Dentist for his cosmetic work.

Jeffrey Almo, Northwest DC; 202-362-5596.

Robert Argentieri, Springfield; 703-569-6644.

*David Bertman, Burke; 703-425-6100.

*Michael M. Blicher, downtown DC; 202-638-5400.

Sharon Brown, Spring Valley; 202-244-4477.

David Butts, Falls Church; 703-671-1020.

Paul Callahan, Sterling; 703-444-4104.

Emilio Canal, Reston; 703-318-8200.

Samuel D. Cappiello, McLean; 703-734-0100.

Daniel Cassidy, Alexandria; 703-370-2333.

*Joseph A. Catanzano III, Foxhall Square; 202-244-1601.

John A. Chick, Chevy Chase; 301-652-2277.

*Andrew C. Cobb, Friendship Heights; 202-686-9100.

Jason A. Cohen, Chevy Chase; 301-656-1201.

*Paul Cohen, downtown DC; 202-659-9100.

Sara Cohen, downtown DC; 202-659-9100.

Shane R. Costa, Great Falls; 703-757-0833.

Margaret Culotta-Norton, downtown DC; 202-833-1111.

Joseph Cusumano, Arlington; 703-525-4071.

Daniel J. Deutsch, downtown DC; 202-223-6630.

*Robert H. DeWitt, Tysons Corner; 703-734-5707.

Marc D. Doctors, downtown DC; 202-223-6630.

*John W. Drumm, Foxhall Square; 202-244-1601. Also recommended for cosmetic work.

James S. Dryden Jr., Falls Church; 703-532-7586.

Mohammad Eghtessad, Ashburn; 703-726-0333.

Paul D. Ellington, Potomac Falls; 703-444-5108.

Ali R. Fassihi, downtown DC; 202-293-9804.

Barry E. Feldman, Rockville; 301-468-1555.

Charles Ferrara, McLean; 703-356-2020.

Ronan Freyne, Chevy Chase; 888-237-0346.

*Eugene T. Giannini, Tenleytown; 202-244-4111. Also recommended for cosmetic work.

Paul Gibberman, Alexandria; 703-823-6616.

Lawrence Goldbaum, Rockville; 301-770-1555.

Leonard S. Gordon, Gaithersburg; 301-258-1998.

*Brian Gray, Tenleytown; 202-244-4111. Also recommended for cosmetic work.

Danine Fresch Gray, Clarendon; 703-525-5901.

Cecilia M. Gyllenhoff, McLean; 703-734-0100.

James Gyuricza, Burke; 703-978-5660.

Robert Hall, Reston, 703-437-8811; Ashburn, 703-858-0000.

Gary Hartz, Reston, 703-437-8811; Ashburn, 703-858-0000.

Ronald Hauptman, Falls Church; 703-241-0666.

R. Alan Hinkle, McLean; 703-356-4034. Vote getter for cosmetic work.

Johanna Huijssoon, Foggy Bottom; 202-466-4530.

Margaret H. Irvin, Tenleytown; 202-244-6650.

Gary Kaihara, Northwest DC, 202-466-3333; McLean, 703-356-3556.

Eric Katkow, Columbia; 410-730-2020.

Kim Kitchen, Alexandria; 703-836-7000.

Henry J. Konigsberg, Southwest DC; 202-488-8300.

Sousan H. Kunaish, Falls Church; 703-532-7212.

David Q. Le, Ashburn; 703-723-1400.

Thomas Lenz Jr., Vienna; 703-938-6669.

William D. Lessne, Arlington; 703-526-9700

Paul E. Levine, McLean; 703-356-3960.

Robert Levine, Fairfax; 703-280-1300.

David E. Liebeskind, Silver Spring; 301-495-9222.

Samuel Lievano, downtown DC; 202-728-0896.

Melanie R. Love, Falls Church; 703-241-2911.

Philip M. Maiese, Foggy Bottom; 202-466-4530.

H.R. Makarita, Oakton; 703-255-1150. Vote getter for cosmetic work.

John Martin, Tenleytown; 202-966-1900.

Stanley Mayer, Bethesda; 301-654-4848.

Katherine A. McGrath, Fairfax; 703-978-6556.

Mark Miller, Falls Church; 703-241-2911.

Richard A. Miller, Rockville; 301-468-9383.

Patrick A. Murray, Rockville; 301-330-4600. Also recommended for cosmetic work.

Charles A. Nardiello, Fairfax; 703-591-5637.

Dennis S. O’Leary, Palisades; 202-966-8108.

Bradley J. Olson, Waldorf; 301-843-6621.

George Papastergiou, Vienna, 703-938-7174.

*Judith A. Penski, Tenleytown; 202-244-6650.

Dean J. Phass, Falls Church; 703-824-0055.

Steven Philips, Spring Valley; 202-244-5900.

Michael Pollowitz, Spring Valley; 202-244-4477. Recommended for cosmetic work.

Adel Rizkalla, Falls Church; 703-671-2222.

Clark Rogers, Herndon; 703-471-7164.

Richard Rogers, Frederick; 301-663-1700.

Kurt C. Rolf, McLean; 703-356-3035.

Lawrence D. Rosenman, Springfield, 703-256-8554; Lorton, 703-541-3110.

Stuart Ross, downtown DC; 202-223-6300.

Barry Rudolph, Vienna; 703-281-7104. Also a top vote getter for cosmetic work.

Kevin A. Ryan, Springfield; 703-354-8811. A vote getter for cosmetic work.

D. Gordon Rye, Fairfax; 703-352-2010. Vote getter for cosmetic work.

Adam Schneider, Gaithersburg; 301-948-3111.

Everett Schneider, downtown DC; 202-296-8252.

Richard Schneider, Burke; 703-323-1400.

Craig Scimeca, Oakton; 703-281-6201.

Salvatore Selvaggio, Northwest DC; 202-362-5596.

Jeffrey Sisel, South Arlington; 703-931-5333.

Christopher Spagna, Falls Church; 703-532-7212.

Michael S. Stern, Rockville; 301-610-9909.

Marcus Stephen Tappan, Silver Spring; 301-565-8212.

Sherman Telis, downtown DC; 202-223-6630.

Mark A. Tromblay, West End; 202-331-1554.

Rena Vakay, Alexandria; 703-256-7700. Also recommended for cosmetic work.

Eric C. Vasey, Woodbridge; 703-670-5376.

Gary J. Weiss, Fairfax, 703-278-8866; Ashburn, 703-726-9313.

Mark Winkler, Springfield; 703-451-8332.

Brenda J. Young, Fairfax; 703-560-6301.

Mary M. Ziomek, Rockville; 888-643-1972.


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