They Know Money: Financial Advisers

Here are the area’s best financial planners, wealth advisers, tax accountants, insurance experts, and estate attorneys who can provide financial help and advice

How did The Washingtonian put together this list of the area’s top financial experts?

We first surveyed hundreds of area financial professionals, asking them: Whom would you trust with your own money? We also did our own research. The experts listed here received the most recommendations.

No list can be totally comprehensive, and omission from this list doesn’t mean an adviser isn’t good. Likewise, inclusion here doesn’t necessarily mean the person is right for your needs.

These financial advisers charge flat fees for some services and may earn commissions on products they sell, such as mutual funds. Although some people argue that advisers who earn commissions can’t be free of bias, these advisers are said to work in a client’s interest. The fee-and-commission model can be cheaper than an annual fee based on a percentage of assets for some clients, such as those who make few trades.

Key Credentials:

CFA: chartered financial analyst
CFM: certified financial manager
CFP: certified financial planner
CFS: certified fund specialist
ChFC: chartered financial consultant
CIC: chartered investment counselor
CIMA: certified investment-management analyst
CLU: chartered life underwriter
CPA: certified public accountant
JD: juris doctor (attorney)
PFS: personal financial specialist


The List:

Alexandra Armstrong, CFP; Washington DC

Randy R. Beeman; Reston

Ric Edelman, CFS; Fairfax

Ryan Fleming, CFP; Washington DC

Brian T. Jones, CFP; Fairfax

Paul Juergensen II, CFP; Washington DC

Terrance McGowan; Washington DC

Marvin H. McIntyre; Washington DC

Paul A. Pagnato, CFM; Washington DC

Barbara Warner, CFP; Bethesda

Bernard Wolfe, Bernard R. Wolfe & Associates, Inc.

This list first appeared in the November 2010 issue of The Washingtonian.




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