They Know Money 2012: Fee-Only Advisers

This category includes certified financial planners (CFPs)—who create detailed financial plans and often also manage money—as well as financial advisers who invest and manage portfolios. Fee-only advisers don’t accept commissions or referral fees—a practice, they say, that keeps them free of bias. Most charge a flat fee, an hourly rate, or a fee based on a percentage of assets. “Minimum” is the minimum investment portfolio handled by an adviser—though many take smaller portfolios from, say, young professionals who have the promise of higher future earnings.

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    Barry Glassman, CFP®

    Glassman Wealth Services®, LLC

    Families who work with Glassman Wealth Services know first-hand why Barry Glassman was the top “vote getter” in Washingtonian’s Top Financial Advisors list. As a fee-only financial advisory firm, we put our clients’ interests first. Period. Whether you’re looking for investment strategies designed to help you meet your goals, or require more comprehensive financial planning, we are here to help you effectively manage your family’s wealth.

    1600 Tysons Blvd. Suite 800 McLean, VA 22102 | 703-534-4444

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    Mary A. Malgoire, CFP

    With Nathan Gendelman, Director of Investments.

    The Family Firm

    The Family Firm specializes in individuals and families making the transition to living on their accumulated investment assets. In most cases, our client’s top priority is to ensure that those assets are protected and will last throughout their lifetime. We continuously coordinate financial planning and investment activities, developing and implementing a customized investment strategy that reflects your unique circumstances. Experience the power of a multidisciplinary perspective and a single-minded focus on what is best for you.

    8120 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 630 Bethesda, Maryland 20814 | 301-656-3999

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    Thomas B. Conway, JD, CFP®, AIF®

    President and Founder, Connemara or

    Connemara provides strictly fee-only comprehensive personal financial planning and investment advice as well as family wealth planning. The firm has a flat fee/hourly rate structure and has no Assets Under Management (AUM) requirement. Self-directed investors and others seeking comprehensive planning and periodic professional investment reviews and due diligence may find Connemara to be an excellent and cost-effective resource. For more information, contact Thomas B. Conway, JD CFP® AIF®, President and Founder at 301-998-6595 or see the firm’s websites at and Appointments are now accepted in Rockville, Maryland and Washington, DC (Reagan Building/International Trade Center) locations.

    1700 Rockville Pike, Suite 400 Rockville, MD 20852 or Ronald Reagan/ITC Building 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 7th Floor Washington, DC 20004 | 301-998-6595

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    Jon P. Yankee, MBA, CFP®

    FJY Financial

    Families looking to build and develop a plan that will grow and protect their wealth know that Jon and the team at FJY will always put them first. By developing meaningful personal relationships with his clients, Jon gains an understanding of each client’s unique needs and challenges. Jon wants to be the first person you call when you need help.

    1900 Campus Commons Dr #500 Reston, VA 20191 | 703-889-1111

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    Marjorie L. Fox, JD, CFP®, AIF®

    FJY Financial

    Marjorie has been a top choice of her peers since 1994. Her clients benefit from her knowledge, industry relationships, and established network of allied professionals in the Washington DC area. Marjorie leads FJY in taking a comprehensive approach to financial planning and investment management, considering all aspects of your financial life before offering a custom plan to achieve your goals.

    1900 Campus Commons Dr #500 Reston, VA 20191 | 703-889-1111

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    Jennifer E. Myers, CFP

    SageVest Wealth Management

    SageVest Wealth Management recognizes the unique opportunities and complexities that financial success brings to individuals, families and small business owners. We get to know each client personally, taking the time to understand your financial needs and objectives. Knowing what’s important enables our experienced advisors to develop comprehensive wealth management strategies that help ensure the financial wellbeing of you and your loved ones. Through meticulous planning, unbiased advice, and ongoing wealth counselling, we empower you to make well-informed and educated decisions about your finances, so that you can preserve, grow and enjoy the freedoms your assets can provide.

    1320 Old Chain Bridge Road, Suite 250 McLean, VA 22101 | 703-992-7650

Mark Atherton, CFP; Reston

Michael F. Bearer, CFP, CPA, PFS, CIMA; Bethesda

John (Terry) Beaty Jr., Bethesda

Gordon Bernhardt, Bernhardt Wealth Management

Stephen E. Bingham, CFP; Arlington

J. Laing Bowles, CFP, JD; Chevy Chase

William G. Brennan, CFP, PFS, CPA; Washington DC

Joseph M. Brodecki, CFP; Washington DC

Christopher N. Brown, MBA, CFP; Rockville

Cal Brown, CFP; McLean

Glen J. Buco, CFP; McLean

Elissa Buie, CFP; Vienna

Paul F. Cocozza, CFP, CPA; Arlington

Thomas B. Conway, CFP, JD; Rockville

Fred J. Cornelius, CFA, CFP; Rockville

Michael Cornfeld, CFA, CIC; Bethesda

Kimberly A. Cox, CFP; McLean

John T. Devine, CPA, PFS; Chevy Chase

Ken Diehl, CFP, CPA; Gaithersburg

Michael K. Farr, Washington DC

Marjorie L. Fox, CFP, JD; Reston

Thomas D. Frank, CFA; Bethesda

Susan G. Freed, CFP; Chevy Chase

Michael Gildenhorn, Bethesda

Barry Glassman, CFP; McLean

Herbert G. Hopwood, CFP, CFA; Great Falls

Donald Irwin IV, Washington DC

Mark Johannessen, CFP; McLean

Brian T. Jones, CFP; Fairfax

Timothy W. Jones, CFP; Fairfax

J. Mark Joseph, CFP, CPA, PFS, CLU; Reston

Daniel Joss, CFP; Reston

Daniel Kane, CFA, CIC; Chevy Chase

Glenn Kautt, CFP; McLean

Veena A. Kutler, CFA; Bethesda

E. Ronald Lara, CFP; Falls Church

Mary A. Malgoire, CFP; Bethesda

J. Michael Martin, CFP, JD; Columbia

James W. (Skip) Mersereau, CFA, CIC; Chevy Chase

Helen L. Modly, CFP, ChFC; Middleburg

Jennifer Myers, CFP; McLean

Eileen M. O’Connor, CFP; McLean

Everette B. Orr, CFP, CFA, CPA; McLean

Christine Parker, CFP; La Plata

Kenneth Robinson, CFP; La Plata

Ron Rubin, PFS, CPA; Bethesda

Karen P. Schaeffer, CFP; McLean

Richard M. Schoenfeld, CFP; Chevy Chase

Pamela G. Shortal, CPA, CFP; McLean

Annette F. Simon, CFP; Bethesda

Neal J.B. Simon, Rockville

Dana Sippel, CFP, CPA, PFS; McLean

Peter C. Speros, CFP; McLean

Steven A. Starnes, CFP; McLean

Greg Sullivan, CFP, CPA; McLean

Steven Thalheimer, CFP; Silver Spring

Karen Tovey, CFP; Bethesda

Victoria Trumbower, CPA, CFA; Bethesda

Paul G. Veith, CFA; Washington DC

Logan Winn, JD; Chevy Chase

Jon Yankee, CFP; Reston

David Zier, CFP; Silver Spring

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