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Dirt Cheap Eats 2007 Slideshow

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Dear Washingtonian,

My friends and I love good food but don't have much money to spend. Where should we go?

—The Twentysomething Gourmet  

It's a question we get asked all the time—and one we love trying to answer as we scour the area each year in search of great dining values. At each of the 65 restaurants on this year's list of Dirt Cheap Eats, you'll find a meal for under $15 a person—and at many places, for even less.

Dirt Cheap Eats 2007 Package

For more dining recommendations, check out Cheap Eats 2007, which just went online. 

And for other dining and restaurant news, check out Best Bites, the food and dining blog. Need a drink to go along with all that food? Try our new Happy Hour Finder for the best bars and drink specials.

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