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Top Infectious Disease Specialists

Infectious-disease specialists diagnose and treat all infectious diseases—fungal, bacterial, viral, and tropical—including AIDS.

This article is from the 2005 version of Top Doctors. For Washingtonian's 2008 Top Doctors, please click here

Mark R. Abbruzzese, office in Northwest DC; hospital privileges at SUB, GU, SIB. Also in Internal Medicine.

Sameh A. Aly, Rockville; SG, SUB, WADV, HC.

Sujata H. Ambardar, Annandale; FRFX.

Charlotte Barbey-Morel, GU; SIB, VHC. Concentration in pediatrics; special interest in HIV and tuberculosis.

John G. Bartlett, JH. Special interest in HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, bioterrorism.

John E. Bennett, NIH; NAV. Special interest in deep fungal disease.

Arthur Chutuape, POT, Alexandria; ALEX, MV. Special interest in Lyme disease.

William A. Davis, Northwest DC; GU, SIB, SUB.

William B. Furlong, Arlington; VHC, FRFX, NVC, FOAKS. Special interest in fevers of unknown origin.

Fred Gill, NIH. Internist.

Robert P. Holman, VHC. Special interest in HIV/AIDS.

Ruth M. Jacobs, Rockville; SG, MONT, SUB.

Barbara Ann Jantausch, CNMC. Concentration in pediatrics.

James G. Kane, Northwest DC; GU, SIB, SUB.

Daniel E. Keim, Springfield; FRFX. Special interest in pediatrics.

Princy N. Kumar, GU.

Charles S. Levy, Kaiser Permanente (Downtown DC, Largo); WHC, HC, FRFX. Special interest in HIV/AIDS.

Lewis W. Marshall, PROV; WHC, HU, HC. Also in Internal Medicine.

Puran P. Mathur, Rockville; SG, SUB, MONT.

Allan J. Morrison Jr., Annandale; FRFX.

David M. Parenti, GWU. Special interest in tropical medicine.

Ligia Pic-Aluas, PROV; WHC.

Donald M. Poretz, Annandale; FRFX.

Lynette H. Posorske, Silver Spring; HC, SUB, SG.

Eric D. Reines, Alexandria; ALEX, FRFX, VHC.

Henry H. Rhee, FOAKS; RES, PW. Special interest in occupational health, diseases from world travel.

Richard K. Sall, FOAKS; RES, PW. Special interest in occupational health, diseases from world travel.

Carol Salzman, Chevy Chase; GU, GWU, SIB. Also in Internal Medicine.

Michael A. Sauri, Rockville; SG, SUB. Special interest in medical toxicology, occupational health, tropical medicine.

Mary E. Schmidt, Fairfax; FOAKS, FRFX. Concentration in pediatrics.

Gary L. Simon, GWU.

Margo A. Smith, WHC. Special interest in women's health and HIV.

Marsha D. Soni, FOAKS; RES, PW. Special interest in occupational health

John Symington, POT, Alexandria; ALEX, MV.

Phuong D. Trinh, Silver Spring; HC, SG, SUB.

Stephen E. Weinroth, Fairfax; FOAKS, FRFX.

David A. Wheeler, Annandale; FRFX. Special interest in HIV/AIDS.

Bernhard L. "Bud" Wiedermann, CNMC; HC, SG, GWU. Concentration in pediatrics.

Raoul Wientzen, GU; VHC, SIB. Special interest in pediatrics.

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