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Top Infectious Disease Specialists
Infectious-disease specialists diagnose and treat all infectious diseases--fungal, bacterial, viral, and tropical--including AIDS.
Comments () | Published July 1, 2005

This article is from the 2005 version of Top Doctors. For Washingtonian's 2008 Top Doctors, please click here

Mark R. Abbruzzese, office in Northwest DC; hospital privileges at SUB, GU, SIB. Also in Internal Medicine.

Sameh A. Aly, Rockville; SG, SUB, WADV, HC.

Sujata H. Ambardar, Annandale; FRFX.

Charlotte Barbey-Morel, GU; SIB, VHC. Concentration in pediatrics; special interest in HIV and tuberculosis.

John G. Bartlett, JH. Special interest in HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, bioterrorism.

John E. Bennett, NIH; NAV. Special interest in deep fungal disease.

Arthur Chutuape, POT, Alexandria; ALEX, MV. Special interest in Lyme disease.

William A. Davis, Northwest DC; GU, SIB, SUB.

William B. Furlong, Arlington; VHC, FRFX, NVC, FOAKS. Special interest in fevers of unknown origin.

Fred Gill, NIH. Internist.

Robert P. Holman, VHC. Special interest in HIV/AIDS.

Ruth M. Jacobs, Rockville; SG, MONT, SUB.

Barbara Ann Jantausch, CNMC. Concentration in pediatrics.

James G. Kane, Northwest DC; GU, SIB, SUB.

Daniel E. Keim, Springfield; FRFX. Special interest in pediatrics.

Princy N. Kumar, GU.

Charles S. Levy, Kaiser Permanente (Downtown DC, Largo); WHC, HC, FRFX. Special interest in HIV/AIDS.

Lewis W. Marshall, PROV; WHC, HU, HC. Also in Internal Medicine.

Puran P. Mathur, Rockville; SG, SUB, MONT.

Allan J. Morrison Jr., Annandale; FRFX.

David M. Parenti, GWU. Special interest in tropical medicine.

Ligia Pic-Aluas, PROV; WHC.

Donald M. Poretz, Annandale; FRFX.

Lynette H. Posorske, Silver Spring; HC, SUB, SG.

Eric D. Reines, Alexandria; ALEX, FRFX, VHC.

Henry H. Rhee, FOAKS; RES, PW. Special interest in occupational health, diseases from world travel.

Richard K. Sall, FOAKS; RES, PW. Special interest in occupational health, diseases from world travel.

Carol Salzman, Chevy Chase; GU, GWU, SIB. Also in Internal Medicine.

Michael A. Sauri, Rockville; SG, SUB. Special interest in medical toxicology, occupational health, tropical medicine.

Mary E. Schmidt, Fairfax; FOAKS, FRFX. Concentration in pediatrics.

Gary L. Simon, GWU.

Margo A. Smith, WHC. Special interest in women's health and HIV.

Marsha D. Soni, FOAKS; RES, PW. Special interest in occupational health

John Symington, POT, Alexandria; ALEX, MV.

Phuong D. Trinh, Silver Spring; HC, SG, SUB.

Stephen E. Weinroth, Fairfax; FOAKS, FRFX.

David A. Wheeler, Annandale; FRFX. Special interest in HIV/AIDS.

Bernhard L. "Bud" Wiedermann, CNMC; HC, SG, GWU. Concentration in pediatrics.

Raoul Wientzen, GU; VHC, SIB. Special interest in pediatrics.


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