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Top Neurologists

Neurologists diagnose and treat nervous-system disorders such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease.

This article is from the 2005 version of Top Doctors. For Washingtonian's 2008 Top Doctors, please click here

Jonathan R. Amy, office and hospital privileges at PW.

Frank H. Anderson, office in Chevy Chase; privileges at SIB. Special interest in headaches, Parkinson's disease, dementia.

Brian H. Avin, Wheaton; HC.

Michael E. Batipps, WHC; NRH, PROV. Special interest in headaches, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease.

Pamela Y. Blake, GU. Subspecialty in neuro-ophthalmology; special interest in violent and aggressive behavior.

V. John Blazina, Chevy Chase, Downtown DC; SUB. Subspecialty in neuromuscular disease, electromyography, electroencephalography.

Preston C. Calvert, Alexandria; FRFX, JH. Subspecialty in neuro-ophthalmology.

Ruben Cintron, Reston; FOAKS, RES. Special interest in neuromuscular disease, electromyography, migraines.

Lucy Ann Civitello, CNMC, Fairfax; FRFX, NIH. Concentration in pediatrics; special interest in HIV.

John W. "Jack" Cochran, Alexandria, Fairfax; ALEX, FRFX. Subspecialty in sleep disorders; special interest in strokes.

Joan A. Conry, CNMC; GWU, HC, SG. Concentration in pediatrics; special interest in epilepsy.

Kenneth W. Eckmann, Wheaton; HC. Subspecialty in neurophysiology, electromyography.

Larry M. Einbinder, Rockville; SUB, SIB, SG, MONT, HC. Subspecialty in neurophysiology, electromyography; special interest in ADHD.

Helene A. Emsellem, Chevy Chase; GWU, SUB. Special interest in sleep disorders.

A. Jerry Friedman, SG.

Albert Peter Galdi, SG. Special interest in migraines, neuromuscular diseases.

Stuart J. Goodman, SOMD; CIV, GWU, FTW. Special interest in seizures, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis.

David B. Grass, Fairfax; FRFX, RES. Special interest in dizziness, headaches, electromyography.

Kalpana M. Hari Hall, Downtown DC, Chevy Chase; SIB. Subspecialty in clinical neurophysiology, electromyography, electroencephalography.

Thomas M. Hyde, Chevy Chase; GWU, PIW, DOM, NIH. Special interest in movement disorders, dementia, behavioral neurology.

Rakesh Jaitly, PROV, Kensington; WHC, HC, SUB, SIB. Special interest in strokes.

David M. Katz, Bethesda; SUB. Special interest in multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis.

John J. Kelly Jr., GWU. Special interest in neuromuscular disease.

Robert N. Kurtzke, Fairfax, Reston; FRFX, RES. Special interest in nerves, muscles.

Neal M. Kurzrok, PROV; NRH, WHC. Subspecialty in headaches, epilepsy.

M. Elizabeth Latimer, Bethesda; GU, FRFX, SUB. Special interest in headaches, spasticity management, pediatrics.

Robert Laureno, WHC; NRH. Special interest in stroke, neuromuscular disease, metabolic disease.

Bennett L. Lavenstein, CNMC, Fairfax; GU, SG, ALEX, FRFX. Concentration in pediatrics; special interest in movement disorders, Tourette's syndrome.

Gary W. London, Rockville, Silver Spring (Leisure World); MONT, SG, HC, SIB, SUB. Special interest in headaches, electrodiagnostic medicine, Alzheimer's disease.

Norman Alan Luban, PROV, Kensington; SUB, SIB, HC.

P. Steven Macedo, Bethesda, Downtown DC; SIB. Special interest in headaches, attention disorders, head injuries.

William M. McClintock, CNMC, Fairfax; FRFX, RES, SG, HC. Special interest in headaches.

Jerold Mikszewski, VHC. Special interest in strokes, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis.

Bibhuti B. Mishra, McLean, Alexandria; FRFX, MV, ALEX.

David G. Moore, PROV; WHC, NRH. Subspecialty in neuromuscular disease.

Seth A. Morgan, PROV; WHC. Special interest in strokes.

Roger Packer, CNMC, NIH, Rockville; GWU, SG, SUB, HC. Concentration in pediatrics; special interest in neuro-oncology.

Phillip L. Pearl, CNMC, Fairfax; NIH, GU. Concentration in pediatrics; special interest in epilepsy, sleep disorders.

Jon D. Peters, Reston; RES, FOAKS.

Samuel J. Potolicchio, GWU; SIB. Special interest in sleep disorder, seizures.

Philip D. Pulaski, Downtown DC; GWU. Subspecialty in migraines; special interest in multiple sclerosis, neck and back.

Shusila R. Rajasingham, Rockville; SG, SUB. Concentration in pediatrics.

Perry K. Richardson, GWU. Special interest in headaches, pain management, neuropathy.

Faye Rosenbaum, VHC. Special interest in headaches.

Martin S. Rusinowitz, MONT, Bethesda; SUB, SG, SIB, HC. Special interest in movement disorders.

Yvette C. Sandoval, PW.

David Satinsky, Rockville; SIB, SUB, SG, MONT, HC.

Linda S. Sigmund, Fairfax; FRFX, RES. Special interest in Parkinson's disease, restless-legs syndrome.

James P. Simsarian, Fairfax; FRFX, RES.

Michael D. Sirdofsky, GU. Special interest in muscular diseases.

Roger A. Snyder, Fairfax; FRFX, DOM. Subspecialty in neuro-ophthalmology.

Amy R. Stone, Fairfax; FRFX, RES. Special interest in Botox treatment of neurologic conditions and neuromuscular disease.

David L. Taragin, Rockville, Silver Spring (Leisureworld); SIB, SUB, SG, MONT, HC. Subspecialty in neuromuscular and neuro-oncology.

Carlo Tornatore, GU. Subspecialty in multiple sclerosis.

Terry Watkin, Reston; FOAKS, RES, FRFX. Special interest in epilepsy, attention disorders, developmental disorders.

Steven L. Weinstein, CNMC, Rockville; SG, HC. Concentration in pediatrics, epilepsy.

Leslie Barnes Williams, Alexandria; ALEX.

James Yan, Rockville; SUB, SG, MONT. Subspecialty in electromyography, sleep medicine.

Lawrence E. Zarchin, Fairfax; RES, FRFX. Special interest in headaches, Alzheimer's disease, electromyography.

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