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Top Neurosurgeons

Neurosurgeons operate on the brain and the spinal-cord region.

This article is from the 2005 version of Top Doctors. For Washingtonian's 2008 Top Doctors, please click here

Edward F. Aulisi, SG, Bethesda; WHC, SUB, SIB, GWU. Special interest in gammaknife surgery.

Charles J. Azzam, Annandale, Woodbridge; POT, FRFX.

Ronald J. Bortnick, Annandale; FRFX.

Anthony J. Caputy, GWU, Fairfax; FRFX, LOU, GU, RES. Special interest in epilepsy, complex spinal surgery, aneurysms.

Ben Carson, JH. Special interest in pediatrics.

F. Donald Cooney, Bethesda, Downtown DC, Rockville; GWU, SIB, SUB, WHC, NRH.

Gary Creed Dennis, HU.

Kathleen B. French, Fairfax; FRFX, FOAKS.

Robert M. Gorsen, Annandale; FRFX, FOAKS.

Fraser C. Henderson, GU. Special interest in spinal-cord tumors.

Donald G. Hope, RES, Fairfax; FOAKS, RES. Special interest in spinal cord, cranial surgery.

Jeff Jacobson, Downtown DC, Bethesda, Rockville; GWU, SIB, SUB, WHC, NRH. Special interest in gammaknife surgery.

Abraham Kader, Arlington; VHC.

Najmaldin O. Karim, Greenbelt; PG, DOC, LAU.

Robert Keating, CNMC. Special interest in pediatrics.

Arthur I. Kobrine, Downtown DC; GU, GWU, SIB, WHC.

Zachary T. Levine, Bethesda, Rockville, WHC, SIB, SUB, WHC, NRH.

Gary Magram, Fairfax; FRFX. Special interest in pediatrics.

Kevin M. McGrail, GU. Special interest in aneurysms, cerebral vascular problems.

James W. Melisi, RES, Fairfax; FOAKS, FRFX, RES. Special interest in perhipheral neuropathy, intracranial and spinal procedures.

Nathan C. Moskowitz, Frederick, Olney, Rockville; SG, JH, MONT, WADV, HC.

Octavio Polanco, Chevy Chase; SUB, WADV, HC.

Alexandros D. Powers, Downtown DC, Bethesda, Rockville; WHC, SIB, SUB, GWU, NRH.

Charles Jess Riedel, VHC; RES.

Frederic T. Schwartz, Chevy Chase; GWU, HC, GU, SIB, SUB, WHC.

Ronald H. Uscinski, Olney, Fairfax; MONT, GSE, GWU, GU, SUB, SIB, SG. Special interest in pediatrics.

Donald C. Wright, Arlington; VHC, GWU. Special interest in skullbase tumors.

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