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Top Psychiatrists

Psychiatrists treat mental, addictive, and emotional problems. They may use various forms of psychotherapy as well as drug treatment.

This article is from the 2005 version of Top Doctors. For Washingtonian's 2008 Top Doctors, please click here

Jeffrey S. Akman, office and hospital privileges at GWU. Special interest in gay/lesbian/bisexual issues, HIV/AIDS.

Marilyn B. Benoit, offices in Northwest DC and on Kent Island. Special interest in children, adolescents.

Robert J. Bishop, office in Reston; privileges at DOM, RES. Special interest in addictive disorders.

David A. Block, McLean. Special interest in anxious children and adolescents.

Martin J. Book, Bethesda; SUB, SG. Special interest in effective disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD.

Lawrence A. Brain, Bethesda. Special interest in children and adolescents, legal and forensic psychiatry, psychopharmacology.

Valerie J. Buyse, Vienna; VHC. Special interest in anxiety, depression.

Lance Clawson, Cabin John. Special interest in ADHD, autism, bipolar disorder.

Todd S. Cox, JH, Downtown DC, St. Mary's City. Special interest in mood/anxiety disorders.

James F. Dee, Alexandria; MV, ALEX. Special interest in psychopharmacology.

Brian B. Doyle, Downtown DC. Special interest in mood/anxiety disorders, adult ADD.

Steven A. Epstein, GU. Special interest in psychiatry for medically ill.

Thomas M. Fogarty, Fairfax; FRFX, FOAKS. Special interest in depression, mood/anxiety disorders.

Steven P. Gilbert, Downtown DC; GU. Special interest in patients with chronic medical problems.

David M. Goldstein, Northwest DC, GU. Special interest in manic depression, mood disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder.

Gustavo A. Goldstein, Rockville. Special interest in children, adolescents, forensic medicine.

Frederick K. Goodwin, Chevy Chase; SIB. Special interest in psychopharmacology, bipolar disorder.

Carl R. Gray, Rockville.

Stephen A. Green, Northwest DC, GU. Special interest in psychotherapy, bioethics.

Suzanne J. Griffin, Chevy Chase. Special interest in psychopharmacology.

David S. Irwin, Gaithersburg. Special interest in mood/anxiety disorders, psychopharmacology.

Thomas N. Jacob, VHC; GWU, DOM. Special interest in electroconvulsive therapy.

Robert W. Johnson, Falls Church; FRFX. Special interest in anxiety.

Paramjit T. Joshi, CNMC. Concentration in pediatrics; special interest in depression, psychiatry related to trauma, violence, terrorism.

Kenneth L. Kaplan, McLean.

Jacob J. Katzow, Downtown DC. Special interest in psychopharmocology.

Vikram Khot, PW. Special interest in psychopharmacology, anxiety, depressive disorders.

Kevin W. Kiernan, Northwest DC; SIB. Special interest in depression, long-term psychotherapy.

Daniel J. Levine, Bethesda; SUB.

William L. Licamele, McLean. Concentration in child psychiatry, adolescence, Tourette's syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

John M. Livingood, Northwest DC. Special interest in psychopharmacology.

Patrick C. Lorenz, Northwest DC; SIB. Special interest in bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ADD.

Joseph Marnell, Greenbelt, Clinton; SOMD. Special interest in adolescents.

Allan S. Melmed, Falls Church; VHC. Special interest in psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, depression, anxiety.

Frank M. Moscarillo, Chevy Chase; SIB, GU. Special interest in psychopharmacology, electroconvulsive therapy, psychotherapy.

Audrey A. Moss, Arlington; VHC, NVC. Special interest in serious psychiatric and medical illness.

Judith A. Nowak, Downtown DC; GWU. Special interest in psychopharmacology, bipolar, and eating disorders.

Stephen W. Peterson, WHC. Special interest in crisis intervention.

Michael J. Petite, Downtown DC. Special interest in depression, college students.

Bruce P. Pfeffer, Potomac; SG, SUB. Special interest in adult and child psychology, learning disabilities, psychopharmacology.

Daniel Pine, Northwest DC, NIMH. Special interest in children, adolescents.

Steven A. Polakoff, Chevy Chase; SIB. Special interest in psychopharmacology.

Robert M. Post, Chevy Chase.

Frances E. Rankin, PROV, Northwest DC.

Rachel Ritvo, Kensington. Special interest in children, adolescents.

Adelaide Robb, CNMC. Concentration in children, adolescents.

Peter Robbins, Fairfax. Special interest in child psychiatry, mood disorders, ADHD.

Bruce M. Smoller, Chevy Chase, Reston; HC. Special interest in biologic and occupational disorders.

Bernard M. Snyder, Bethesda; FRFX. Special interest in sexual dysfunction, couples, anxiety and depressive disorder.

Albert H. Taub, Bethesda; SUB, SG. Special interest in individual psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, children and adolescents.

Terry A. Teplitz, Chevy Chase; SIB. Special interest in psychopharmacology, geriatrics.

David Trachtenberg, Bethesda. Special interest in anxiety and depressive disorders, psychotherapy, psychopharmacology.

Donald B. Vogel, Silver Spring; HC, MONT. Special interest in anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, couples, adolescents.

John T. Walkup, JH. Special interest in children, adolescents, Tourette's syndrome.

Stephen M. Weissman, Northwest DC. Special interests in individual therapy, couples therapy, psychopharmacology.

Lewis A. Winkler, Northwest DC. Special interest in personality, relationship, and vocational problems, mood and anxiety disorders.

Thomas N. Wise, FRFX; JH. Special interest in depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction.

John V. Wylie, Northwest DC; SIB. Special interest in diagnostic evaluation, psychotherapy.

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