Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak to Join Mike Daisey at Woolly Mammoth

Wozniak will appear in person for a post-show discussion after the monologuist’s performance August 4.

By: Sophie Gilbert

We suspected that the return of Mike Daisey’s controversial show The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs to Woolly Mammoth this summer might not happen quietly. (In case you were living under a rock when the show was disowned by This American Life, catch up here.) For one thing, Daisey isn’t really one to shy away from the spotlight. For another, after an awkward March speech at Georgetown University in which Daisey seemed to issue a mea culpa of sorts, he’s seemed positively unapologetic in recent months.

But we certainly weren’t expecting the news that Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak would actually join Daisey onstage for a post-show discussion of Apple’s factory conditions in China. Nevertheless, Wozniak will appear at Woolly Mammoth in person August 4 for a special event following the performance. If you’re curious to see what exactly the two will talk about, better save up now: Tickets start at $100. But here’s a clue: On Daisey’s website, there’s a quote from Wozniak saying he will “never be the same” after seeing Agony/Ecstasy the first time around.

For more information about the performance, visit Woolly’s website.