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NBC’s Chuck Todd Wins “Jeopardy!” for Local Charity

On last night’s installment of Power Players Week, Todd won $50,000 for Samaritan Inns.

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek. Photograph courtesy of Jeopardy Productions.

A DC-based charity, Samaritan Inns, is lovin’ NBC’s Chuck Todd a whole lot today. On Thursday’s night’s episode of Jeopardy! he beat out comedian Lewis Black and Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page to win $50,000 for the charity, which works with homeless and addicted men and women to provide recovery services and housing. Todd appeared on the fourth day of the popular game show’s Power Players Week, which was taped last month at DAR Constitution Hall.

“Obviously we’re very thrilled,” says Larry Huff, president of Samaritan Inns. “I’ve watched all week, and to this point we’re the only local charity identified by contestants. The others were national charities or local to New York City.” Huff says they are grateful Todd selected them. “I got a chance to chat with him the day before the taping, and he was clearly very, very motivated to win this thing for us.”

Tonight is the last show of the series, and it will be a competition between CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman, and Kelly O’Donnell of NBC News.

Previous winners were former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, who on Monday evening beat CNN’s Lizzie O’Leary and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews; CNBC’s David Faber, who triumphed over basketball superstar Kareem Abdul Jabbar and another former White House press secretary, Dana Perino, on Tuesday; and Chris Wallace, who on Wednesday defeated health-show host Dr. Oz and Katty Kay of the BBC.

This was Jeopardy!’s third Power Players Week in Washington. The last one was eight years ago. When we talked with host Alex Trebek earlier this year, he said coming to Washington at this time “seemed natural” because of the presidential election.

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