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Buzzed: The Sweet Potato Pie at PS 7

Buzzed is a feature where we scout out Washington’s most interesting drinks. This week, a pie in liquid form: the Sweet Potato Pie cocktail at PS 7’s.

The spot: PS 7’s (home of show-stopping tuna sliders), 777 I St., NW; 202-742-8550.

The drink: The Sweet Potato Pie, made with sweet-potato reduction, Madagascar vanilla, cinnamon, and cream. That’s the desserty pie base, which is then spiked with Mount Gay Eclipse, a Barbados rum. It’s available until the end of winter.

The price: $10.

First impression: A bit boozy-tasting, but “pie” in the title of anything and I’m on board. Plus pumpkins get all the seasonal love. Step aside, orange gourd—your root-veggie cousin needs its 15 minutes of fame, too.

Last impression: Though bartender Tiffany Short is a whiz with flavor concoctions (like her beet-infused vodka drink called the Bolshevik and the spicy, chili-peppery El Diablo with tequila), this one didn’t really nail it. Whiffs of nutmeg and allspice were pleasant, but sadly, there was no overwhelming candied-yam flavor here. In fact, the drink could have been made from pumpkin for all I could tell. (And no offense, but the pumpkin thing has been done before.) That’s not to say I didn’t finish it—I totally did. I was just a little disappointed. “Reduction” made me think it would be more potent.

Grade: B minus.

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Is this your first pie-in-drink-form experience? Ours, too. Report back on what you think. Or do you have a suggestion on what drink we should investigate next? E-mail