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After Hours Roundup: Nightlife Links of the Week

It's Friday—have some fun, and check out these great links we found around the web in Washington this week.

• Internet radio station recently did an excellent in-studio session with a couple of local musicians: Martin Royle, formerly of Washington Social Club, and Pash, who’s been backing Royle while he opens for the Canadian band Stars. You can listen to the lively recording here.

• A blogger is leaving DC—but not before planning a list of what she must enjoy in the city before she leaves. It’s a great list, including Perry’s drag brunch, Friday-night jazz at the Natural History Museum, and plenty of Ethiopian food. If you were moving out of DC, what would be on your must-do list?

• Heard of Muxtape yet? It’s the buzzed-about, incredibly simple way of creating online mix tapes and sharing them with your friends that debuted this week. Give it a shot.

• This blogger headed to Restaurant K. She didn’t think the scene was all that fantastic but discovered a worthy happy hour, with great food and martini specials. We’ll be adding it to our Happy Hour Finder for sure!

• Starting in early May, the up-and-coming DC neighborhood NoMa will hold a free summerlong James Bond film festival. Get the schedule and details here. The festival kicks off with Dr. No on May 8.

• And of course, make sure to check out our interview with local-girl-turned-indie-superstar, Thao Nguyen; our Hot Ticket guide to ticket sales this week; and our feature on Zola's bartender.