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Chat With Nightlife Impresario Joe Englert Today!

Neighborhood tavern the Pug is one of Joe Englert’s ventures on the H Street corridor.

Just a reminder: Today at noon, nightlife impresario Joe Englert will join us for an online chat (submit your questions here). Englert, who’s been opening and running bars for more than two decades and is often credited as a pioneer in the revitalization of U Street, will discuss his recent string of offbeat bars in Northeast DC’s Atlas District and his take on the city’s nightlife. He’s even threatened to share details of his half-completed screenplays.

Want to know his plans for bars he’s got in development? His pick for the hottest nightlife neighborhood? What development means for DC? Ask him anything!

Before becoming a nightlife mogul, Englert was a freelance writer for publications such as the Washington Times and the Washington Post. Read our profile of him here—and don’t forget to submit a question here.

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