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Welcome to our weekly feature, What’s Online. Every week we’ll let you know which articles from the print magazine have just gone up on the site. This week in April, we have. . .

Green Power: 30 People Changing the Environment in Washington
These 30 people are changing the environment—for the better. They're cleaning up the air, improving the Chesapeake Bay, lobbying for energy changes, and saving everything from oysters to historic sites to rain forests.

On the Edge: A Guide to Washington's Art Galleries
The area's contemporary-art galleries, many with bold spring shows, feature some of the brightest work on today's art scene. Here's our guide to Washington's best.

Crime Fighter: John Walsh of America's Most Wanted

After his son’s murder, John Walsh devoted his life to catching bad guys. His new museum explores crime and punishment—you can crack a safe, take part in an FBI shootout, explore a CSI lab, and more.

Confessions of a Single Mother
Women have often asked the author whether they should become single mothers, as she did. Now that her baby is a teenager, nearly as tall as his father, she has an answer.

Post Watch: Don Graham Needs Big Pay Raise
The Internet is up, the newspaper business is down, so no one would expect the top people at the Washington Post Company to be pulling down tens of millions of dollars a year like their counterparts in finance and entertainment. But they’re not suffering. According to 2007 filings, here are paychecks for the three best-paid Posties and their boss.

Not All DC Museums Are Free
The Newseum, with a $20 admission charge, is just the latest in a growing trend towards pricey museums.

A Possible McCain Cabinet: Buffett Heads Treasury, But What About Jeb Bush?
As he campaigns across the country, John McCain has been leaving bread crumbs to follow as to who might make up his cabinet.

Election May Cause Big Shift in Court Decisions
There hasn’t been a Democratic appointment to the Supreme Court since Stephen Breyer’s in 1994, and the next two or three vacancies are expected to come from the liberal side of the bench with John Paul Stevens, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and David Souter tabbed as most likely to depart next.