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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

Photo of the National Air and Space Museum by Flickr user fotinakis.

As our own Harry Jaffe has long speculated, Len Downie finally stepped down from his post at the Post yesterday after 17 years at the paper. See Howard Kurtz's take here.  

It's Kliman Tuesday! Or that's what we call Tuesdays around here, anyways, when food & wine critic Todd Kliman hosts his weekly online dining chat. Ask him anything.

The Supreme Court has delayed its ruling in the DC gun ban case and scheduled a special session for this Wednesday.

What?! There's no "DC for Obama" t-shirt—even though Guam gets one? Outrage!

The City Paper wonders that if big layoffs at the development company of Victor MacFarlane—who also owns the DC United soccer team—mean bad news for a possible DC soccer stadium.