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Good morning, Washington! Did you survive inauguration? Here's what we're reading around the web about the historic weekend.

Photo by Flickr user acaben

You hear that, Washington? That's the collective groan of the entire city as they wake up, unbelieving that we have to go to work and go back to doing normal things after four straight days of historic events and partying. Shouldn't the day after inauguration be a national holiday? We think so. Anyways, make sure to check out our coverage of plenty of inaugural balls here, and submit your photos and stories of your time here.  

Forgot about inauguration hangovers—the job of cleaning up the city after all the activities will be a hangover unto itself.  

And unfortunately, thousands of people who held tickets to inauguration weren't able to make it past security checkpoints.  

Here's the obligatory "what Michelle Obama wears means such-and-such" fashion article. We have to say, lots of friends weren't into her ball gown last evening, but we loved it. What did you think?