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The Tweet Beat: Best Congressional Twitters of the Week

This week in Congress: Claire McCaskill has dinner in a cloakroom; John McCain visits an old haunt while continuing on his world tour (probably still bitter he’s not at the G20) but still gets misty-eyed for home; spring fever seems to be hitting Chuck Grassley, Leonard Boswell mortifies a relative; and Bob Inglis faces facts. Oh, and even though he’s not a Congressman, we’re including Newt Gingrich this week because his tweets are funny if you have a bawdy imagination.

clairecmc: Cloakroom is small. Funny to watch everyone balance paper plates on their laps and stand while eating. Everyone more cheerful when full.
Senator Claire McCaskill, Missouri.

: vote-a-rama goes on… – hang on to your wallet!
Senator John McCain, Arizona.

bobinglis: Spoke on the House Floor this afternoon on the Budget Resolution. Our Republican alternatives are losing–unfortunate but not unexpected.
Representative Bob Inglis, South Carolina.

ChuckGrassley: Can’t bleve it!!! A reporter came all way to Senate floor to ask if I do my own tweetin. Of course I do.
Senator Chuck grassley, Iowa.

JohnEnsign: New blog, “Baggage Handlers For Ensign.”…
Senator John Ensign, Nevada.

: America has been and remains the greatest force for good in history.
Senator John McCain, Arizona.

DennyRehberg: How ironic is this. Left D.C. This morning; will be going to the circus in Billings this afternoon. Same thing; different town
Representative Denny Rehberg, Montana.

newtgingrich: I am doing greta van susteren tonight at 1030

IRL: In LA for an FA comtee hearing on intellectual property rights. The piracy of Wolverine and fox comments have made this illegal act timely
Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida.

newtgingrich: The electric grid cyberpenetration story is a powerful reminder how dangerous the world is. Think of a world without electricity

johnculberson: I got up for a cold glass of milk & checked my Twitter page & now I am wide awake – need to read awhile & go back to sleep – good night all!
Representative John Culberson, Texas.

newtgingrich: I am on the way to fox to do chris wallace sunday morning show This morning reports that the $400 million “emergency” aid to mexico failed

: Luther college one class Dr Needham. Good Qs for one hr
Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa.

LeonardBoswell: Sitting with my dau, just learned that my 15 year old Grandson just got a haircut! Hmmm…He must have a new girl friend!
Representative Leonard Boswell, Iowa.

LeonardBoswell: I think I am correct. I’m betting that Grandson (one with new haircut) has a New lady friend in his sights. Hmm wonder if she will see him!?
Representative Leonard Boswell, Iowa.

JoeSestak: Met with Mothers Home in Darby, a center for homeless pregnant women. Great group, we are working to support them.
Representative Joe Sestak, Pennsylvania.

RepMaryFallin: touring the Army Ammunition Plant in McAlester, OK
Representative Mary Fallin, Oklahoma.

newtgingrich: I am doing hannity tonight on fox

ChuckGrassley: Had abt 40 ppl in Hampton this am. Good qstns on a lot of subjects.
Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa.

SenJohnMcCain: Great meetings in Hanoi, Vietnam – visited the monument at the lake I parachuted into and my former residence (prison).
Senator John McCain, Arizona.

zachwamp: Wayne Co faithful great. Pro-life success on Hill. Gibson Co best rural around. Good Morning Memphis Live in AM. Folks like my “gettyup”
Representative Zach Wamp, Tennessee.

ChuckGrassley: On way 2 Titonka 4 twn hall mtg. Just saw 1st farmr in field. Won’t b long b4 all is green. He was sowing oats. Not the Wild kind
Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa.

SenJohnMcCain: Just Finished great meetings with the Japanese Prime Minister and Foreign Minister in Tokyo.
Senator John McCain, Arizona.

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