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Where & When: This Week in Washington Nightlife

Check out a pet-friendly happy hour, trivia that tests your knowledge as well as your texting skills, and a screening of the meanest, most awesome high school movie of all time.

Monday, August 3: Text Trivia
Got mad texting skills? Test them at DC9's SMS Trivia Smack Down. The game's premise is simple enough: Trivia where answers are not written down or shouted out loud but rather texted to the game's host. "It's eco-friendly," tout the organizers. Something that's also different about this indie venue's version of trivia is the heavy rock playing in the background. Prizes include a $50 tab discount for the winning team. The game starts at 7.

Tuesday, August 4: Swatch Dogs and Diet Coke Heads
Forget the John Hughes canon, the title of seminal teen movie (of the '80s, '90s and, well, ever really) belongs to Heathers. Starring a never-since-better Winona Ryder as a young woman on the outs with the most powerful and cruel clique in school, the film heightens the jarring experience of high school and adolescence with unmatched cynicism and wit. Next to the Heathers, Tina Fey's Mean Girls are more meek than mean. The film screens at the AFI Silver Theatre at 9:20.

Wednesday, August 5: Canines and Corks

Canines and Corks is a pet-friendly happy hour organized by the Washington Humane Society and hosted by the Park Hyatt Washington Hotel. Starting at 6, guests and pets can mingle at the hotel's outdoor space, next to the lobby. Tickets are $10 and include two drink tickets, as well as complimentary dog treats and water bowls for the animals.

Thursday, August 6: Mancini Madness
It's undeniable. We've got a serious crush on local musician Olivia Mancini. We've called her one of our favorites, we've interviewed her, and now we're recommending her backstage show at the Black Cat. Check out the show (tickets are only $8) and find out why we're absolutely gaga over Mancini. 8 PM

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