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‘Blonde Charity Mafia’ Springs Back to Life—Like a Zombie

The Greatest Show of Our Time that never happened is, well, happening after all. Sort of. In Britain.

Last week, DCist’s Sommer Mathis alerted us about MTV UK’s plan to air Blonde Charity Mafia’s first episode on January 11. Now the episode is available online and easily accessible thanks (?) to the folks at BrightestYoungThings, who’ve embedded it on their site.

We’ve watched the episode and, to be frank, are still recovering from it. There’s a lot to take in—the dialogue, the dresses, the Sophie Pyle. The show’s introduction alone requires—nay, demands—lengthy analysis, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, we’ll let you catch up. Watch the episode (if you dare) here and check in tomorrow for our recap of Blonde Charity Mafia.

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