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Real World DC Watch: The Map

Latest update: The cast was at yesterday's National Equality March.

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MTV’s Real World is moving to our city. It’s inevitable. So why not have some fun with the situation?

Therefore: we present our Real World DC Watch Map.

That’s right, following the tradition of Gawker Stalker and Gossip Girl, we’ve created a map that will document the whereabouts and shenanigans of Washington’s newest residents. We want you, reader, to send us tips reporting on your candid encounter(s) with MTV’s latest batch of twentysomethings.

Saw them in line at Ben’s Chili Bowl? Causing a scene at Lauriol Plaza? Throwing up near Adams Morgan? Let us know by sending your tips to, or by using #rwwatch on Twitter.

Filming supposedly starts June 20, so keep your eyes peeled. Send your Real World DC sightings to and we’ll post them on our map above (as well as keep a static list here for your reference purposes).

What happens when people stop being polite, and start reporting Real World sightings to the internet everywhere the cast goes? We’ll find out!

>>The cast is long gone, but if you need a Real World:DC fix, check out our weekly recaps of the show. 


UPDATE (10/12): The cast was out at the National Equality March yesterday. Multiple sightings were reported via twitter throughout the day. @DCdebbie snapped a picture of two cast members. @RealWorldDCNewz saw them at Logan Tavern later on.  

UPDATE (10/07): @RealWorldDCNewz tweets:"Wrapping things up. Less than 10 days left…" while tipster Mike tells us word is the cast will be filmed at Gallery Plan B this Thursday. Supposedly, some of the roommates' art and photographs will be on display. 

UPDATE (10/06): Tipster Matt spotted the cast at Great Falls Park this past weekend (and snapped some pics). "It seemed pretty low key/somber with lots of them taking personal pictures together…maybe it's for one of the final episodes?" Perhaps. Rumors of the cast leaving town soon have been circulating on twitter. 

UPDATE (09/30): According to @RealWorldDCNewz, the cast was at the White House today to welcome President Obama. 

UPDATE (09/29): Tipster Camille tells us she saw two cast members at Tryst in Adams Morgan last night. Also, tonight, cast member Emily (who you can see in this video) is hosting a benefit event at the Rock & Roll Hotel. We have to ask: When (and how) did H Street become ground zero for the Real World? 

UPDATE (09/28): According to @RealWorldDCNewz, the cast was seen at Tattoo Paradise and also stopped by Fly Lounge last night. 

UPDATE (09/25): From tipster Rachel: "Three of the real world girls are having dinner at Franklins restaurant in Hyattsville right now." Anyone else spot them around the area?  

UPDATE (09/25): The cast was at the Rock&Roll Hotel, where cast member Josh performed with band Wicked Liquid.

UPDATE (09/21): Tipster Danielle tells us she saw the RW girls at the 9:30 Club last night. They "then went to Nellies with the opening band." Oh, groupies. 

UPDATE (09/20): On Saturday, some cast members were spotted at the H Street Festival. @futurejunkie caught two of them on camera. Later that night, tipster Yana tells us the guys from the cast were at Saki in Adams Morgan: "My girlfriends and I had a table downstairs and two of them signed release forms for being on camera dancing with the guys! Super fun night!"

UPDATE (09/20): Pusser's Caribbean Grille in Annapolis got a visit from the cast on Friday. Tipster Val saw the crew there and spotted them throughout Annapolis later in the evening. 

UPDATE (09/17): The cast was out in Virginia last night. @billgluvna saw them at Rock Bottom.

UPDATE (09/17): Tipster Andy saw some cast members at the Kettler Capitals IcePlex on Wednesday night. "Three of the Real World cast members were at the rink for the public skate session. My team was practicing on the other ice sheet. Cast member Mike came out on the ice with my team and joined them in a shootout. He ended up scoring once in five tries! He seemed to have a blast…" 

UPDATE (09/16): Yesterday, Congressman Jim Moran tweeted about his meeting with cast member Mike. "Just had inspiring meeting with constituents and members of HRC including intern from #MTV's Real World DC cast concerning ENDA and DADT" read the tweet, which has now mysteriously disappeared from Moran's twitter feed. @MTVDailies and @RealWorldDCNewz retweeted Moran's tweet. 

UPDATE (09/14): Over the weekend, the cast stopped by their usual hangout: Public Bar. They were also seen at a Mystics game on Saturday and at Adams Morgan Day yesterday. 

UPDATE (09/11): National Geographic says the RWDCers just popped in to visit its museum. What were they there to see? The Lions & Leopards exhibit, apparently.  

UPDATE (09/11): Reader Jen says she spotted the cast at Front Page in Dupont Circle on Sunday night around 10 PM. 

UPDATE (09/11): Nic tells us that two RWDC cast members filmed at Grand Central in DC's Adams Morgan. Our tipster also reports that "a few of them joined one of the local kickball leagues." Anyone have a Real Worlder on their team?  

UPDATE (09/09): Tipster John emails that a couple of cast members were at McFadden's. "Camera/light/sound/security crew generally disruptive."

UPDATE (09/09): One of our favorite sports bloggers, Dan Steinberg, lets us know that a cast member appears to be interning with the Caps hockey team. 

UPDATE (09/09): Tipster nic alerts us that "Wicked liquid is a band fronted by a real world dc cast member. They will be opening for Once Okay Twice at the rock n roll hotel September 24th. The show will be filmed"

UPDATE (09/08): Is cast member Erika leaving the show? Twitter is abuzz with that rumor. 

UPDATE (09/07): Tipster Christina emails that the cast was in Steve's Bar in Dupont, in "true hot mess form." 

UPDATE (09/05): Twitterer @meanrachel says she say some Real World ladies at Public Bar.

UPDATE (09/05): Town Tavern was, once again, a destination for the cast last night. 

UPDATE (09/04): A tipster tells us that some cast members were also at Grand Central in Adams Morgan, where they partied with kickball leaguers. 

UPDATE (09/04): Some cast members were at McFaddens last night, while others were seen at Halo. 

UPDATE (08/31): Once again, the cast spent Sunday afternoon at the Capitol Skyline pool. 

UPDATE (08/30): Tom Toms and Buca di Pepo were last night's pit stops for the cast. They were also seen getting palm-readings on the street. 

UPDATE (08/28): A tipster says cast members were also at Town Tavern in Adam's Morgan last night. 

UPDATE (08/28): Thursday was a busy night for the cast. Sightings were reported all around town. First, at Halo, then at Nellies, where one of the cast members, Callie, was photographing an event for the Washington Blade. The night wrapped up at Public Bar's rooftop

UPDATE (08/27): @tgreen81 ran into the cast at Sticky Rice. Also, according to @RealWorldDCNewz, cast member Ty will be interning for the Washington Capitals

UPDATE (08/26): @RealWorldDCNewz confirmed a sighting at Midtown Loft, but we had our very first encounter with cast members Erika and Mike (sans camera crew) at Cobalt last night. Accompanying them was Nellie's bartender Eric. 

UPDATE (08/24): Josh and other cast members were seen at the Heaven&Hell party in Adams Morgan on Saturday. On Sunday, the cast was back the Capitol Skyline pool, where @owenburnett captured Mike dancing with a group of girls. Also, according to tipster who was at the pool party, we hear that Josh dislocated his shoulder while partying.   

UPDATE (08/21): The cast was back at Spike's burger joint. They were also spotted at Rhino Bar later. And there was apparently another fight involving the RW group, this time outside Local 16. 

UPDATE (08/19): The cast was seen at Busboys and Poets earlier today and might be stopping by Halo tonight, according to rumors. 

UPDATE (08/19): We go on vacation for an extended weekend and what happens? Zombies take over the city. Actual zombies, not the Real World cast. Kidding aside, thanks to tips compiled by @RealWorldDCNewz, we know that the cast was all over the place, finally making it over to H Street and hitting up Nellie's yet again. Confrontations ensued both at Nellie's and Palace of Wonders. They were also spotted at the Capitol Skyline Hotel's pool party hosted by Spike (give it a rest dude, your 15 minutes were up long, long ago). Also on the hit list: Lauriol Plaza and Good Stuff Eatery.

UPDATE (08/14): The cast was at Science Club and, yet again, Nellie's last night, according to @REalWorldDCNewz. Rumors have been flying about Mike dating one of the bartenders at Nellie's. We hear the bartender's name is Eric. 

UPDATE (08/11): @TheCortez had multiple encounters with the RW cast. First at the Gay Games rally held at Stead Park, and later at Jack's.  

UPDATE (08/10): Cast members have been spotted at Francis pool by @srhconsulting. Aren't they supposed to have jobs? 

UPDATE (08/09): The cast was seen dining at La Tomate's outdoor patio.

UPDATE (08/09): @RealWorldDCNewz points us to plenty of pictures of Callie and Mike at a reception for the Gay Games held at the HRC headquarters. Mike, dude, where are your eyebrows

UPDATE (08/09): Friday night, @TheCortez and @jackiequinlan saw the girls at Gazuza, while Andrew and Ty partied at Rhino Bar. Later, some of them were spotted grabbing fast food at Johnny Rockets, with a bouncer in tow. 

UPDATE (08/07): @RealWorldDCNewz confirms that the cast was at Nellies and Third Edition last night. 

UPDATE (08/06): From we hear that the RW cast will be volunteering at Thrive DC (309 E Street, NW), "preparing and serving meals for the homeless who Thrive feed every day."

UPDATE (08/06): The cast was back at Tattoo last night, where tipster Charly spoke to one of the male cast members: "A friend and I talked to [one of the guys] at length and he was appropriately vapid. His back story was that he was a snowboard instructor from Colorado but was fired for being
drunk." What do you guys think: Andrew or Mike?

UPDATE (08/06): Is one of the female cast members moving out

UPDATE (08/02): Tipster Douglas caught the RW girls at a dunk tank in NW earlier today and snapped a bunch of pictures for us. 

UPDATE (08/02): The cast was busy this weekend: First, they stopped by Good Stuff Eatery. Later on, Mike was spotted at Nellie's by @a_eckerz and others, while @RealWorldDCNewz confirms that the rest of the cast was at the Pour House. 

UPDATE (07/30): @DJHeatDC tweets he saw the cast at Nellie's last night. 

UPDATE (07/30): @paliking09 snapped a picture of a girl believed to be Josh's girlfriend. Yikes! That's a whole lot of print and not enough skirt. 

UPDATE (07/29): Cast members were at the 9:30 Club last night, were apparently Erika Lauren performed with  a member of the band the Cab. 

UPDATE (07/28): We called this! Cast members were spotted at Lauriol Plaza yesterday. @cbsese snapped a picture

UPDATE (07/27): The cast was seen at the Capitol Skyline Hotel pool (via @MrTelesford) and then (as predicted) at Halo for the bar's five year anniversary party. @ollignom and @nathanbecker were among those who saw the cast.

UPDATE (07/26): According to tweets from @SarahKBartlett and @suz429 the cast is in the Eastern Market area right now.  

UPDATE (07/26): The cast was at Fly Lounge last night, per @RealWorldDCNewz's tip, where @_LaurenL helped out a roommate who'd had too much to drink. 

UPDATE (07/25): The cast was spotted at Madam's Organ by @hovanes and @markbober

UPDATE (07/24): The Anti-Real World DC blog is betting the cast will stop by Halo for the bar's five year anniversary party this weekend. The event is hosted by JD Ordonez of Real World Brooklyn. Maybe JD and Mike will hook up?  

UPDATE (07/24): Cast was seen at an event at the Human Rights Campaign headquarters yesterday evening by @taychert, @ninanyc, and @farrauto

UPDATE (07/23): The cast was out on K Street last night. They were first seen at Lima (via @dcnitelife) and then Tattoo, where, according to @eglue a fight broke out involving a member of the camera crew. 

UPDATE (07/22): MetromixDC has pictures of the cast at the "Funny People" party at McFadden's. 

UPDATE (07/21): The cast was partying at McFadden's according to multiple sources, including @allisonwood09, @danpcurran, and @RealWorldDCNewz.  

UPDATE (07/21) : @metrocurean tweets: "Real world cast is at save the seals chef event @ Policy. Oh and Real Housewife Bethany Frankel. Message: Boycott certain Canadian seafood." The Anti-Real World DC blog has a picture

UPDATE (07/21): Politico's Anne Schroeder says the cast might be stopping by Hawk 'n' Dove tonight. 

UPDATE (07/21): According to tweets from two interns (@suzie_heller and @petrograd), cast members are volunteering at the HRC headquarters today. 

UPDATE (07/20): The folks over at DCist have great pictures of the cast at the DC United game on Saturday. 

UPDATE (07/20): @vvillano tweeted about seeing the cast at Sweet Green. Tipster Brian sent us this picture. Is that Mike? Is he on a date?  

UPDATE (07/20): @efjass has a picture of the cast at the Capitol Skyline pool.

UPDATE (07/20): Tipster Robert saw the cast all around town this weekend, including their stop at the Capitol Skyline pool yesterday. The sighting has been confirmed by @christabeal and @IntelligentT82 

UPDATE (07/20): A funny (if slightly late) anecdote from tipster Kathy, who ran into the RW cast at Lucky Bar last Wednesday: "They were filming live in the bar between 9 – midnight; we couldn't hear what they were saying, but it looked like drama.  We were actually there with the founder of Facebook and the guy who handled Obama's internet campaign; I told a crewmember, but they didn't take any interest.  I guess ubergeek is not their style." But, nerds are the new partiers, we say! 

UPDATE (07/20): From Thrasher: "[The cast was] at the united game yesterday trying to tailgate with barra brava.  The security assaulted me for Mooning the camera." 

UPDATE (07/18): Cast spotted at a DC United game by @jim_malone and @cadman0717. Pics here and here

UPDATE (07/18): A 3 AM tip from Ingrid: "Cast sighting in Chinatown's Rocketbar." @magisplanning also saw them there. According to @RealWorldDCNewz, the cast was at Lucky Strike earlier last night. 

UPDATE (07/17): more pictures of the cast members from @streetroachpics. 

UPDATE (07/17): Tipster Alec ran into the cast at Third Edition last night. 

UPDATE (07/16): @nega tweeted about the cast being at Lucky bar last night. Tip confirmed by @RealWorldDCNewz, @fitsum, and @benBurbs. 

UPDATE (07/16): From tipster Laura: "The real world cast is always at my gym (washington sports club-dupont circle) and they have also been going to the capitol skyline hotel for the roofdeck pool parties every Sunday."

UPDATE (07/15): If incessant tweets are to be believed, Josh Colon will be working as a bartender at Rhino Bar. No word on what the other cast members' "jobs" will be. 

UPDATE (07/15): The eight strangers, by name: Mike Manning, Erika Lauren, Josh Colon, Callie Walker, Andrew Woods (nicknamed Panda by the roommates because of the, um, "funky" hat he wears everywhere), Ashley Lindley, Emily and Ty Ruff

UPDATE (07/15): The cast celebrated Bastille Day at Bistrot du Coin, much to the chagrin of some

UPDATE (07/14): More pictures of the cast. This one and this one from their visit to Current over the weekend. Plus, this video of cast member Erika Lauren attempting to explain why they can't acknowledge passerbys/fans while filming the show. 

UPDATE (07/14): The latest batch of photographs of some of the cast members at Subway in Dupont Circle. 

UPDATE (07/13): Tipster Lauren: "They were at Fly Lounge on Saturday night, hanging in the VIP lounge. There was making out involved. Shocker!" Anyone got photographic evidence?

UPDATE (07/13): Two cast members were seen attending services at St. Luke's Episcopal Church on Sunday. 

UPDATE (07/13): It was a busy weekend for the cast, who were seen EVERYWHERE around town. Gazuza, Current, and Rhino Bar were some of the bars visited.

UPDATE (07/09): Tipster Justin saw the RW members in Rockville yesterday: "I was at the Red light when two members came up to my car and asked directions to the rock climbing wall around that area (the rock climbing wall is actually located in Marlo's [Furniture Store]). 

UPDATE (07/09): Cast spotted at Cobalt at midnight by multiple sources. Send in your pictures!

UPDATE (07/09): Multiple sightings of two female RW cast members at Georgetown's Urban Outfitters. @katiedonohue snapped this picture

UPDATE (07/09): We'd already heard that the cast partied on the Boomerang Bus over the Fourth, stopping by Ultra Bar in Chinatown, but this tip is too funny not to post:"One of the guys was wearing some sort of hat with ears on it… (bizarre)" Hmm…We'll go on a limb and say the guy was probably Andrew

UPDATE (07/09): The organizer of the charity event at Clarendon Grill has confirmed that Josh and Andrew were there last night. "They donated money to the cause. It turns out officers killed in the line of duty is an important issue to Josh, so he stopped by for a couple of hours and just hung out. It was just like any other charity happy hour you would go, just that there were camera's on most of the time. They were very nice and friendly." 

UPDATE (07/09): Cast members at SweetGreen again

UPDATE (07/09): These two cast members were also spotted at Goody's Pizza. 

UPDATE (07/09): According to commenter AE, two cast members were out in Arlington last night: "I met Josh and Andrew from the Real World tonight at Clarendon Grill at a charity happy hour to raise money for the family of the guard killed during the recent attack at the Holocaust Museum (not sure if they donated anything…)"

UPDATE (07/09): @claddah76 snapped a picture of six of the cast members at Dupont Circle yesterday.

UPDATE (07/08): Multiple sources confirm the cast was partying at Rhino Bar in Georgetown last night. Anyone know if they misbehaved? 

UPDATE (07/07): An earlier sighting placing the cast at the Southwest Marina on the Fourth of July has been confirmed. From Tipster John: "The Real World Cast celebrated 4th of July at the Marina on the Miss Ann Charter. At around 7 PM, a group of scantily dressed women and a few men boarded the Miss Ann. The Real World crew arrived very loud and obnoxiously around 8 PM to board the boat. They stayed there until midnight." 

UPDATE (07/07): "I spotted the real world cast at my fave salad spot in DC SweetGreen. I even got a picture!!" says our excited tipster Kyle. 

UPDATE (07/07): Tipster Alison:"My co-worker just saw RW at 18th and Mass. A few minutes later they asked a friend for directions to Bread and Brew."  

UPDATE (07/07): Was the cast trying to blow some steam (and get away from unfriendly Dupont residents) at Dave & Bus
ter's in White Flint Mall last night? Or is this another fake sighting? If you saw them too, let us know! 

UPDATE (07/06): Pictures of the cast walking down U Street.

UPDATE (07/06): Left in our comments wall by Susie: "3 of them were at Chi Cha on U Street Thursday night. The muscular African American male and the small blonde and brunette girls."

UPDATE (07/06): Word keeps coming in of what the cast was up to on the Fourth. From tipster Julia, comes the funniest encounter so far:"Real World cast at the SW Waterfront in the Marina. They were walking and shouting drunkenly down the dock at 10 after the fireworks." 

UPDATE (07/06): Noo! Some of the cast members were spotted partying at (our favorite) Dupont dive bar The Big Hunt last night. 

UPDATE (07/06): Apparently, the cast celebrated the Fourth with brunch at The Grill from Ipanema. @jwolman tweeted: Just had my first Real World DC moment. Filming at The Grill From Ipanema as we speak… 

UPDATE (07/04): Later, though, the cast was apparently less than happy. From tipster Amber: "This was them yelling as they were kicked out of a party."   

UPDATE (07/04): A picture of the Fourth of July block party the cast attended. 

UPDATE: Real World DC cast was spotted at Public Bar in Dupont on Friday.

UPDATE: A text from our online intern/videographer Jessica Sidman: "Three of them are sitting out on the patio right now." (7:01 PM)

UPDATE: More pictures of the cast, courtesy of DCist. 

UPDATE: The first picture of one of the cast members, via Anti-Real World DC. 

UPDATE: From tipster Laura: "met 3 of the real world'ers outside their house as we were checking it out. all very very skinny and tan." They are here! Wonder how long before this girl gets herself inside the house. 

UPDATE: Have the housemates moved in yet? Word from a tipster:"Some colleagues and I were walking south on Conn Ave (north of dupont circle, right by Tomate) for lunch today and saw an obvious cast member. She was walking with a cameraman and a sound guy and stopping randomly in front of stores. She stuck out a lot since she has long blonde hair and was wearing a bright, short dress and heels. Looks like she belongs in L.A., not in Dupont Circle at lunchtime. How bizarre." Did anyone else spot this blonde? Or is this another false alarm? Let us know!  

UPDATE: According to RealWorldDCNEWZ, cast members will be working out at the Washington Sports Club on Connecticut Ave., NW.

UPDATE: According to another tipster, crew members are still being hired and the actual shooting of the show may not start until early July. Will the real Real Word cast members please stand up?

UPDATE: We hear that cast members were invited to a small, private reception at Current (1215 Connecticut Ave., NW) on Saturday, June 20.