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Tweet Beat: Overtweeting Edition

John McCain makes bad bets, Michele Bachmann is mad at Mother Nature, and Daniel Inouye goes Hollywood

In the wake of Thanksgiving, most people lament their culinary indulgences and struggle to get back into the grind. But members of Congress are no ordinary Americans. Lawmakers returned to the Twitterverse with a vengeance this week. And there are some doozies. Michele Bachmann picks a fight with Mother Nature over her finances, John McCain continues his streak of terrible sports predictions, Pete King tries to peg American leaks as foreign terrorism, and Joe Wilson pledges to talk about tax relief . . . for 60 seconds.

Representative Frank Pallone: @FrankPallone Thought I was in Greece last night when dancers from St. George Church performed. New complex in Ocean Tp. will be center for Greek culture.

See, I was thinking Greece would continue to be the center of Greek culture.

Senator Orrin Hatch: @OrrinHatch
Wishing I could have Pickle Pie at the Sunglow Restaurant in Bicknell

I don’t even know what to say.

Senator Ben Nelson: @SenBenNelson Hosting my quarterly radio call in show from Omaha’s 1290 KKAR radio.

Wow. A quarterly radio show? That must take a lot out of you, Senator.

Senator Daniel Inouye: @Daniel_Inouye Senator Inouye and Irene enjoyed a special visit with the cast and crew of @HawaiiFive0CBS on Nov.3

Book ’em, Daniel.

Representative Michele Bachmann: @MicheleBachmann Is “going green” about the environment or a “redistribution of wealth”? #tcot

You’re right, Congresswoman. Mother Nature has been asking for a handout for years.

Senator John McCain: @SenJohnMcCain I’m predicting a big upset today. . . Cards over KC–#GoCards!

We really hope the senator’s not a gambling man.

Senator John McCain: @SenJohnMcCain I’m rooting for Bristol on #DWTS, good luck tonight!

See what happens when you put Baby in a corner?

Representative Ted Poe: @JudgeTedPoe Texas Talk: Rep. Ted Poe Calls for Common Sense Airport Security #TSA

How can Thomas Paine be at every airport in the country, all day every day?

Representative Pete Olson: @OlsonPressShop Washington could take a lesson or two from Texas. . . .

Larger hats?

Representative Frank Pallone: @FrankPallone
Thanksgiving discussion w/ kids about Harry Potter’s ethics. Agreed Harry makes sacrifices for greater good w/out any personal benefit.

Did you lay down the ethical law over a pint of butterbeer and a pile of chocolate frogs?

Representative Pete King: @RepPeteKing Here is my statement on designating WikiLeaks as a Foreign Terrorist Organization:

Does that mean Bradley Manning’s not an American anymore?

Representative Phil Gingrey: @RepPhilGingrey Check out my pictures from Georgia High School AA Football Playoffs!

So that’s how you spent your recess!

Representative Maxine Waters: @MaxineWaters My message to the Ethics Committee is simple: schedule my hearing before Congress adjourns

Not for nothing, Congresswoman, but I don’t think you get to call those shots anymore.

Representative Joe Wilson: @CongJoeWilson Tune in to Fox Business at 10:02 am I’ll be on discussing tax relief and making the adoption tax credit permanent!/CongJoeWilson/status/9977364150747137

Not 10:01 or 10:03, but 10:02 AM? That’s precise!

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