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Tweet Beat: Supremely Sarcastic Edition

This week in the Twitterverse: cocaine, creative trending topics, and condescension

Congress has tackled a diverse set of issues this week, from campaign-finance reform to cocaine sentencing. The Congressional Twitterverse, however, is a bit more predictable: lots of partisanship and creatively punctuated tweets. Plus Joe Wilson, John Boehner, and Donna Edwards are sarcastic, condescending, or both; Charlie Rangel masters—or muffs—timing with a tweet about cocaine around the same time that the House Ethics Subcommittee announces 13 charges against him; Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is encouraging; John McCain discusses eyeballs; and Harry Reid slams opponent Sharron Angle at every turn, er, tweet.

cbrangel Cong. Rangel: Bill To Narrow Cocaine Sentencing Disparities is an Important First Step
Rep. Charlie Rangel, New York

Erik_Paulsen @DarrellIssa @repaaronschock & my amndts to reduce govt waste were rejected by the majority! The spending spree continues.#reformrejected
Rep. Erik Paulsen, Minnesota

HarryReid Sharron Angle wouldn’t bring a dime to Nevada for education, wants to kill the Department of Ed #nvsen
Sen. Harry Reid, Nevada

CongJoeWilson I’m working alongside real employees, unlike the out-of-touch Washington liberal elite. Sign up here
Rep. Joe Wilson, South Carolina

repdonnaedwards Senate R’s are still blocking five bills that would create at least 1.5 million jobs. Shame on them! It’s time to act.
Rep. Donna Edwards, Maryland

IRL Hope all our aspiring lawyers did great on the FL Bar Exam @ Tampa over the last 2 days. My hubby is a lawyer, I know how difficult it is!
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida

JimOberstar BP Replaces Tony Hayward with Startled Deer. Funny.
Rep. Jim Oberstar, Minnesota

GOPLeader There, There: Dems Sulk Into August Feeling “Angry,” “Ignored,” “Left Out In The Cold”
Rep. John Boehner, Ohio

jaredpolis AZ law overturned!! Immigration is federal responsibility!No more excuses, American ppl demand Congress PASS IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW
Rep. Jared Polis, Colorado

SenJohnMcCain Wanna see how Navy fighter pilots blow off steam? Sucks the eyeballs out of your head… (via @NavyNews)
Sen. John McCain, Arizona

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