Weight Loss Diaries: Battling Bad Eating Habits While On the Road

Weight-loss blogger Frankie Martinez Blanco learns to avoid the temptation of fast-food while traveling for work.

Can weight-loss blogger Frankie Martinez Blanco find healthy options while on the road in Minneapolis? Photograph courtesy of Flickr user Dougtone.

Last week I talked about how much I was now enjoying running outside in DC, thanks to my new modern workout clothes. Well, that may hold true here in DC, but it sure didn’t in Minneapolis, where I spent last week on a work trip. Nothing—and I mean, nothing—could have convinced me to go out running in minus-4-degree—and minus-16-wind-chill—weather.

Luckily, my hotel had a pretty decent gym. Unluckily, I was on a work trip, which meant I barely had a moment to myself, let alone time for regular meals and workouts. Landing in Minneapolis, I knew this break from my DC routine was going to be the biggest challenge to overcome this week.

Frankie’s Weight Tracker:

Starting: 168 pounds

Current: 159.2 pounds

Goal: 155 to 158 pounds

Last time I corrected my diet slip-ups (beers and brunch) by adding extra workouts to my routine. But this time around I had the opposite scenario. I didn’t drink a single beer or go on a brunch streak, but I only got a chance to work out three times during the week. I compensated for the lack of exercise by eating less and relying more on the Special K protein bars I’ve been eating in-between meals. But protein bars can only go so far.

The big challenge came on Thursday when I was driving from event site to event site doing walk-throughs in preparation for Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s Friday events in Minneapolis. I only had 30 minutes between walk-throughs, and fast food restaurants were the only options I could see while driving to the next site. For a second, I thought I could maybe buy a salad at McDonald’s, but that just felt like asking Donald Trump for hair advice.

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The goal of this blog was to change my old habits—and making quick stops at fast food restaurants while on the road was on top of that list. I figured my best option for a healthy lunch in a city I didn’t know was the Whole Foods salad bar, so I decided to power through my hunger during my meeting until I was able to eat lunch at 4 PM. During the walk-through I asked around for healthy dinner options in town and got a great suggestion: Good Earth Naturally Restaurant. It was a perfect dinner spot, and I gladly ate a very tasty almond tuna salad sandwich with cholesterol-free mayonnaise on homemade multigrain.

This week was all about exercising self-control due to my food slip-ups last week. It was even more important this week because of the lack of a routine due to my work trip. But as UVA professor Timothy Wilson states, behavior changes often precede changes in attitude and feelings. I realized that my eating decisions on the road were easier to make than before because I had already created a healthy routine in DC. And even though I didn’t work out as much as I would have liked, my bigger battle has always been against my bad eating habits—and this week, I won.

Thursday: 35 minutes on the treadmill and 35 minutes of weight training
Friday: No workout
Saturday: 5 hours snowboarding
Sunday: No workout
Monday: No workout
Tuesday: 5-mile run and 20 minutes of core exercises

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