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More Random Romance and Missed Connections

From weird to sweet to desperate, the local Missed Connections on Craigslist provide some voyeuristic entertainment.

One of this week’s posters thinks he met his one true love at Chipotle. Photograph by Adam Morcom.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this week, we offer up another selection of “missed connections” from Craigslist. There are so many to choose from, it leaves one wondering if Washington needs a new industry: matchmakers. There could be a fortune in that. (All ads are published as they appear, emoticons and all.)

Man fr Texas near my table (Pearl Dive)


You were sitting at the table over from me. We were both eating alone and I felt we had something in commmon. I was going to talk to you but then I talked myself out of it. A true missed connection! Anyways, I thought by some miracle of a chance you would be checking CL.


Did You Feel It Too? Blonde, Blue Eyed Man

Saw you a couple weeks ago, and trying this one last time…

The way you looked at me, and the way you talked to me… was there something there?

I know you are married, but it seemed like you kept wanting to get away from her…

Email me if you think you know who this is.

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On Same BOS-IAD Flight Last Night

We sat together on the flight last night and talked quite a bit. You are here for just a long weekend, and I live here. I have the same name as your uncle. If this is you, hit me up, so that I know it is you.

Dr. Hart’s Office I Presume

You: long, jet black hair, black nike cross training shoes, black north face, love for diamonds 🙂 and kept catching me looking over at you… (Or was I catching you?)

Me: the guy who kept getting caught looking over at you. 😉

Thought maybe we could grab a cup of coffee and figure out who was looking at whom.

By Yorktown High School

i was driving down a side street that let out to lee highway right next to joes pizza and bp gas station you were walking and i couldnt help but stare at you wow you were really pretty i pulled in bp and by the time i got out of the store you were walking infront of it when i pulled out i wanted to ask you if i could give you a ride but thought that would have been sketchy on my part so i didnt but once i pulled out you looked over at me and i did the same youre really pretty and would love to chat with you hangout sometime hope you see this

I Like Your Butterfly (Chipotle—Duke Street, Alexandria)

Me – red tie, black over coat and a smile; told you I liked your butterfly

You – beautiful brunette; working the register when I stopped in around 8:30 tonight to pick up some dinner.

Wanted to talk more, but you were working. If you happen to see this and want to talk more, email me back and tell me what the butterfly refers to so we both can be sure who we’re talking to.

Hot bw In Building (Smithsonian stn Exit)

Followed you into our building this morning. You looked so hot in those jeans! Shortish hair, black/gray coat. Wow, you are hot!

Elevator, Blue Coat, Black Push Cart, Cute Smile (Pentagon)

this morning I got on the same elevator you were on. i got on at 3 off at 4 and you got off at 5 you had a long blue jacket (it might have been purple i’m colorblind) we said hi, you had a cute smile! when i got out of the elevator you jokingly said i should’ve taken the stairs… I had a black push cart so we both had a laugh… maybe you’ll read this. maybe you’ll respond. hope we see each other again!

I Missed My Chance (Lake Ridge)

title says it all. i should have told you years ago how i feel.

i saw you today only for a few minutes, and i want more than just your friendship.

Intersection of K and 20th Around 4 PM Feb 8th

We made eye contact as we passed each other in the cross walk. You did a double take and I kept starting and smiled a little bit. YOU: were a gorgeous brunette with medium length hair and blue eyes about 5’4” tall. You were wearing a dark jacket and grey tights underneath a black mini skirt. I was in black leather jacket with a black hoodie underneath with the hood pulled over my head since it was raining out, and blue jeans. I thought about you the entire metro ride home and had to post this in the oft chance you read this. I would love to hear from you.

You’re On News Channel 8

Every morning, I try to catch a glimpse of you on the TV screen at work. For some reason, your cameraman rarely does a close-up shot of your face, but when it happens, you own that screen! You’re so mesmerizingly beautiful. Don’t know much about your journalistic achievements, but the glimpse of you makes my morning bright, Natasha Barrett. I’m not the kind of guy who’d sit down and watch a morning chat show like Let’s Talk Live, but I do stare at you often. 🙂

Craziness Is Like Heaven


I love you

I will always love You



You jumping rope (Results Cap Hill)

White shorts yellow shirt jumping rope today next to me while I was doing chest. I like your energy. Coffee? Then double dutch?

Sandals Girl Last Week (Eye Street)

You were wearing sandals and it was like Russia cold outside. You just got a pedicure. You had pretty feet :p