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July Is Officially ’90s Month in Washington

Break out the flannel shirts—the area’s live music venues are bringing you a blast from the past.

Taylor Hanson performing at a concert in 2011. Photograph courtesy of Flickr user weeklydig.

July is the official/unofficial month of superstorms, oppressive heat, hot dogs, ice cream—oh, yeah, and America’s birth.
But now we’re adding another item to that list and declaring July ’90s Flashback Month in Washington.

Just take a look at this week’s Music

Robyn opens for Coldplay at the Verizon
and Monday.
Seal (!) performs Tuesday with Macy Gray (!!) at Wolf
, which is
also presenting the previously ubiquitous, still Canadian
Barenaked Ladies Wednesday—as well as Summerland on July 25, a concert
with a roster of reuniting bands (Everclear, Sugar Ray, the Gin
Blossoms, Lit, and Marcy Playground) that makes our inner
14-year-old want to squeal with glee. And if that isn’t enough,
the 9:30 Club
welcomes Our Lady Peace (remember them from the
Armageddon soundtrack? Remember
Armageddon?) and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones to Washington next month.

So if we’re going to dive back into the Doc Martened past, allow us to suggest a few more dream acts we’d like to see live.


Even though they are apparently still
, they will not be
gracing Washington
with their dulcet Oklahoman tones. But if they did, we’d pay
for tix—as long as they promise to leave the wives and kids at
home. We feel old enough already.

Ace of Base

I saw the sign—and it pointed to a reunion tour. While we’re on the subject, can someone come out with a musical based on
their songs already?

Meredith Brooks

Sure, it would be a one-song concert. Good thing it’s a song we miraculously still know all the words to.

No Doubt

Their first new album in a

drops its first single July 16! But seriously, no “Spiderwebs,”
no deal.


We know the technology
Now make it happen, powers that be.

What ’90s act are you dying to see? Let us know in the comments.