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Monday Morning Quarterback: The Redskins Triumph Over the Saints

Fans went wild on Twitter after the stunning season opener.

I don’t know about where you watched the game, but in my house there were a record

number of OMGs as the Redskins upset expectations and walked away with a win against

the New Orleans Saints. The Burgundy and Gold scored the most points since 2005, the

most points since

Mike Shanahan became coach two years ago. But it was more than that. Thanks to the strong and confident

performance of quarterback

Robert Griffin III, and the team in general, it felt like a new era in Redskins football. Of course,

it’s only the first game of a long season, and there are challenges ahead—but the

Saints were thought to be unbeatable, and look what happened.

The theory among sports analysts was that the Saints, still smarting from the suspension

of coach

Sean Payton, would play a fierce grudge match to vent their anger and frustration. Instead, they

just looked rudderless. On the other hand, the Redskins were carrying the baggage

of claims that they took a gamble on giving up so much to get RG3. In the end, the

Skins triumphed. On Twitter this morning, the comments were fierce, funny, and exuberant.

The trend? Easy: More RG3.