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Pressure Mounts for Teddy Roosevelt to win the Presidents Race at Nationals Park

The 26th president has never emerged with a victory.

Poor Teddy Roosevelt can never come away with a W. Photograph courtesy of Flickr user kellygifford.

John McCain inserted himself into Washington Nationals politics, and now the White House has
jumped on the bandwagon—and it all has to do with Teddy Roosevelt.

Regulars at Nats Park know each game features a running race between smaller humans
dressed up as giant versions of Presidents Roosevelt, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln,
and Thomas Jefferson. You know—the faces on Mount Rushmore. The thing is, Teddy never
wins. Senator John McCain thinks that stinks.

Asked about McCain’s position during a press briefing on
Air Force One, Press Secretary Jay Carney said, “This is an outrage. I agree with Senator McCain.
I’m comfortable saying my boss agrees with Senator McCain.”

Regardless of White House and Senate pressure, we don’t have high hopes for Teddy. Why does he always lose? Cynics would say it’s because it’s a rigged game. The other presidents might say it’s because he lacks coordination and speed (there are times when he’s out in front and trips over his own feet!). If the Nats organization has any influence, it would probably be to say, Why give up a good thing? After all, it did get the attention of McCain and Carney.

However, there’s a new game and a new race tonight.