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Meet Brian Jackson, the DC Nominee for Cosmopolitan’s Bachelor of the Year 2012

The Comcast SportsNet reporter wants your votes.

You can vote for Brian Jackson until the 18th at 6 AM. Photograph courtesy of Jackson.

Comcast SportsNet reporter
Brian Jackson wants your vote—but it’s not for political office. He’s running for
Cosmopolitan magazine’s Bachelor of the Year 2012, a nomination that so far has gotten him a lot
of ribbing from colleagues but, if he wins, will bag him a cool $10,000 (and, we assume,
more ribbing). Jackson, who lives in Brookland, is one of 52 nominees from across
the country. Online voting
ends next Thursday, October 18, at 6 AM, narrowing the field down to ten. There will be a party
that night in New York City, and
Cosmopolitan will choose the ultimate winner.

“A friend of mine nominated me,” Jackson says. The friend,
Sharmaine Harrison, went to school with him at Howard University. Jackson graduated in 2006, Harrison
in 2010, and he will stay with her when he goes to New York City, but he wants you
to know they are not an item. In fact, it’s against the rules of the contest to be
an item with anyone. “You can’t have a girlfriend,” he says. “Cosmopolitan asks you a million times, ‘Are you sure you don’t have a girlfriend?’”

So naturally, we asked, is he sure he doesn’t have a girlfriend? “I’m positive. I
don’t have a girlfriend!”

Jackson has been with CSN for six years. He says though he covers a lot of different
sports, his favorite is basketball, particularly the NBA. What does he expect from
the Wizards in the upcoming season? “That depends on how healthy John Wall is. If
he’s as healthy as he should be, they can compete for the seventh or eighth spot in
the Eastern Conference playoffs.” Of Washington’s current hot teams, the Nationals
and the Redskins, does he have a favorite? “I’m actually from Chicago. I’m a die-hard
Chicago sports fan, but I am a member of the media and I’m supposed to keep my feelings
out of it.”

His career goal is to end up with NBA TV, but he figures it will take a couple of
years working on-air in a smaller market, possibly St. Louis or Cincinnati, to get
the increased exposure needed to rise to the network level. He sees winning the Bachelor
of Year as a means of getting some helpful publicity. We wondered, though, what he
would do with the money. Showing notable wisdom for a 28-year-old, Jackson says, “I’ll
pay off my credit card.”

To see all the nominees and/or vote for Jackson, visit
Cosmopolitan’s website.