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The Official Political Parties’ Election-Night Plans in DC

Each party plans a big DC event.

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President Obama will watch election-night returns in Chicago and
Mitt Romney will watch in Boston, there will be two official, and of course separate, Republican
and Democratic events here in Washington. The Republican National Committee expects
2,000 people at its election-night party at the Reagan Building. There will be catered
food, cash bars, country-and-Western and cover bands, table seating, and lots of television
screens, according to a spokesperson. Party leaders are expected, and the event begins
at 7.

The Democratic National Committee will host its principal event in Chicago, but here
in Washington the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional
Campaign Committee will host their election-night party at the Liaison Hotel on Capitol
Hill. Senate Majority leader
Harry Reid and House Democratic leader
Nancy Pelosi are expected to attend. The party begins at 8.

While both events are invitation only, this is also the nation’s political capital,
where someone always knows someone who knows someone who can score a party ticket.

If you happen to be traveling to Chicago, the Obama rally is scheduled for the McCormick
Place convention center near Grant Park. For those going to Boston, the Romney rally
is also in a huge venue: the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.