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Beyond Produce

The best finds at farmers markets aren’t always things you eat.

Border Springs Farm. Photograph by Peter Taylor.


Border Springs Farm

You’ll see this farm’s name on many high-end restaurant menus.
The meat is wonderful, and it yields a stylish byproduct: ultra-soft pelts
($129) perfect for throwing atop a sofa or bed.
At these markets:
Penn Quarter, Union Market.


Floradise Orchids

The blooms from this Gordonsville, Virginia, greenhouse are
graceful, unusual, and—as with the flame-orange Masdevallia and
buttery-hued Phalaenopsis—often stunningly colorful.
At these
Dupont Circle, Penn Quarter.


Harmony Creek Farm

Coconut, olive, and palm oils go into these super-moisturizing
bars. Scents range from gentle (lavender-oatmeal, goat’s-milk-and-honey)
to heavily floral (rose-based Betsy Breckenridge, Princess Gardenia of
At these markets: Dupont Circle, Falls
Church, Penn Quarter.


Vigilante Coffee Company

Chris Vigilante sources beans from Hawaii and Colombia for his
popular roasts, used in such restaurants as Granville Moore’s and Taylor
Gourmet. Try the mild, faintly sweet Maui Yellow.
At these
Eastern Market, Glover Park-Burleith,

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