Things to Do

What to Do This Weekend: September 5 to 8

Free Art Friday, DC Beer Fest, and Adams Morgan Day.

Head to 18th Street (during daylight!) on Sunday for Adams Morgan’s street festival. Photograph by Flickr user randomduck.

Thursday, September 5

MUSIC: The works of Thom York and company don’t exactly scream “play saxophone covers of
these songs,” but Bobby Muncy and fellow musicians give it a try with the
Radiohead Jazz Project. Come to think of it, “Karma Police” might sound good with some horn accompaniment.
Tickets ($10) are available online. 8 and 10 PM at Twins Jazz.

CHAMPAGNE: If you haven’t checked out Dupont Circle’s new
Kabin lounge, tonight’s a good opportunity: Moët Ice will serve up a free glass of Champagne
or specialty cocktail. The lounge is inspired by ski cabins, and the event is going
to feature snow blowers—they probably won’t be on, but maybe bundle up just in case.
Free. 10 PM.

Friday, September 6

FOOTBALL: Football is back, and the people behind the Howard/Morehouse College game Saturday
do not want you to forget that fact: They’ve got a whole weekend of events planned.
Check out the
AT&T Kickoff Rally at 9:30 Club (music, cheering, etc.) and then head to Howard Theatre next door for

Friday Night Lights, a dance party featuring Elle Varner, Lance Gross, and DJ Money. Oh, and go to the
game at RFK on Saturday.

Kickoff Rally: Free, 6:30 PM

Friday Night Lights: $22.50 (tickets available online), 9 PM

BURLESQUE: Is nothing sacred anymore? Black Cat presents
“Once Upon a Tease,” which is exactly what it sounds like: Disney-princess-inspired burlesque. It was
dreamed up by troupes based out of Richmond and Norfolk, places where they must compulsively
look for those tiny dirty hints hidden in Disney movies. Tickets ($12) are available
online. 8:45 and 11 PM.

Free Art Friday, artists from around the city will hide works throughout the city all day, then post
hints online as to their whereabouts. If you happen to find one, it’s yours to take.
Monitor the action on Facebook or Twitter.

MOVIE: You’ve probably seen
Pulp Fiction one million times, but have you seen it one million and one times? And in a theater
of die-hard fans, no less?
E Street Cinema is screening Tarantino’s classic, the movie that made Samuel L. Jackson a megastar,
at midnight, so grab some coffee beforehand so you don’t miss all the shooting. $9.

Saturday, September 7

MARKET: Three dozen local vendors will set up shop at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church for
DC MeetMarket
, featuring food vendors, artisans, and local designers. Three local musicians—Metal
Panda, Alarms & Controls, and Greenland—provide the musical backdrop. They all play
family-friendly rock, but I promise they’re not lame. Free. 11 AM.

National Gallery of Art is pulling Jean-Luc Godard’s little-known work
Le Petit Soldat out of the vault. It was made in 1960 but was banned for three years because it has
torture scenes. It also features Anna Karina in her first role for Godard before the
two got married and she began showing up in most of his works. The film follows a
photographer as he’s asked to kill someone during the Algerian War—he then unexpectedly
falls for someone and wants to get the hell outta there. Free. 2:30 PM.

COMEDY: Upright Citizens Brigade’s touring troupe is coming to Sixth & I Synagogue. UCB is a good bet anytime the
group comes to town—they’re some of the most talented sketch comics out there, and
you might just be seeing a star before they blow up. (Amy Poehler famously was a founding
member before she hit it big.) Tickets ($20) are available online. 7 PM.

BEER: Nationals Park will be taken over by an interesting event that is not called “craning
their necks upward in the wild-card race.”
DC Beer Fest features more than 50 breweries from around the country, including most of the big
local ones plus a lot of smaller ones, like Fredericksburg’s Blue & Gray Brewing.
Entry gets you three hours of unlimited tastings. Tickets ($40) are available online.
1 to 4 and 6 to 9 PM (also Friday).

Sunday, September 8

HARRY POTTER: Taking on all of Billy’s works in
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) is one thing—condensing the Triwizard Tournament, a battle with a basilisk, a break-in
to the Ministry of Magic, and a lifetime’s worth of run-ins with Snape into a 70-minute
play is another. Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner try to do the impossible by
running you through all seven
Harry Potter books in just over an hour in

Potted Potter
, a parody that’s child- and nerd-friendly. Tickets ($55 to $85) are available online.
2, 5, and 7:30 PM at Sidney Harman Hall.

GARDENING: Into gardening? Over the past couple of years, DC has put a lot of effort into setting
up gardens in public schools. You can tour them (by bike) with
BicycleSpace this weekend. Along the way you’ll get a free Chipotle lunch and tips about how to
set up your own garden. Free. 11:30 AM.

STREET FESTIVALS: Once a year, 18th Street in Adams Morgan gets as crowded during the day as it does
at night. There’s less vomit and Jumbo Slice, too, which is a huge plus.
Adams Morgan Day is definitely in the running for best neighborhood festival in DC, so check it out:
Organizers are setting up six stages and have nearly two dozen performers scheduled.
Of course, all your favorite bars, restaurants, shops, and cafes will pull out all
the stops. Free. Noon to 7.

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