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Furloughed Federal Workers Turn to Craigslist to Hook Up, Talk, or Rant

We combed the latest entries for a representative sampling.

It will not surprise any regular reader of Craigslist that the federal government
shutdown spawned a near universe of related traffic on the site. Naturally, most of
the postings have to do with using the furloughs as an excuse for hook-ups, but there’s
also a considerable amount of “rants and raves” and others who want a “platonic” friend
to talk to. So you don’t have to, we pored through two days of personals and selected
this random group. Most appear verbatim, with a few edits for propriety (though still
for an adult audience).

In town on Business but No Business—m4w—35 (Prince Georges County)

Arrived last week for some consulting work with the government but with the shutdown
i am sitting in my hotel room with nothing to do, thought i would maybe entertain
myself. I’m a 6’3” 202 pounds attractive and professional african american male. …
I am staying in a very nice hotel and can host. Get in touch if you are drug disease
and drama free.

Lets Make the Best of the Government Shutdown—m4w—46 (Laurel Area) 

OK, so the government shut down, everyone is off work today and I suggest bored and
looking for excitement. I am no exception. My thought is to find a sexy woman who
could use a little stress relief, is feeling adventurous and wants to play out some
role play fantasies. Lets explore together.

Gov’t shutdown day 2: whatcha gonna do about it?—m4w—28 (DC/ MD)

Are you and otherwise busy and proffessional female government employee that has been
left with nothing to do, writhing in sexual angst? Than I have the bi- partisan solution
for you–let’s hookup.

“What a fantastic idea!” You may exclaim out loud, upon reading this. After all, what
better way to spend a lazy fall afternoon than pondering the merits of congressional
term limits than with your legs wrapped around the face of a handsome, clean-cut,
28yo professional that represents the interests of a private corporation, and therefore
has not felt the distress of this economic stalemate with the same immediacy as you.

Either way, let’s get in touch. Help me help you start the sexual uprising that has
been fulminating while watching countless rounds of failed negotiations and over-blown
artificial deadlines fall by the wayside.

shutdown affair—m4w—50 (northern virginia)

All of this daytime, weekday hours on your hands and nothing to do? mwm,50, d&d free,
college educated, romanticist, extrovert.start with conersation to build a feeling
of comfort, safety and desire then progress as time allows.Let’s take advantage and
make the most of this short age or race issues except be of legal age. Gamble
and choose a new adventure. Don’t let the time be wasted.These windows don’t come

Government shutdown = more time to get around—m4m—49 (Springfield) 

Now that I’ve got a little more time on my hands, I think it’s time to take time to
meet some new people. I’m a married black brother; pretty laid back; love a good conversation
about “whatever” and like to do it over a couple of drinks and/or some music. Simple
as that bro.

Bright Side of the Shutdown (nation)

Need to look on the bright side. By staying home, you can develop a closer relationship
with your family. Not spending lavishly to control your splurges. You can be prepared
for doomsday. You have time to work on those home projects you been putting off. Ride
a bike like you use to. Learn to cook right. ….And 9 months from now, million of
babies will be born….Spring babies everywhere.

You see, it’s not all that bad.

Govt shutdown chat?—m4w—42 (Fairfax)

Hi..time on my hands…and you? I am 6 ft 190 white attractive clean shaven educated
older 42 though and would love a conversation.

I woke thinking the earth would’ve stopped revolving…

…and that everything would be on fire. The way that the liberal media has been screeching
all week about the shutdown I had expected Armageddon to greet me when I opened my
eyes. Well, let’s see: No federal boathouses will be open so some crew teams won’t
be able to paddle their boats. I can live with that. Museums and parks will close.
BFD. The world, miraculously, hasn’t spun out of control.

Shutdown blues—t4m—29 (chantilly)

I’m sure there are going to be a lot these today but I’m looking to help fill the
shutdown blues. If you are home, alone, and would like to have a CD come over to visit
let me know.

just looking to chat—m4w—40 (winchester)

Hello and happy shutdown day. I am a married mid-40’s white male in winchester area
just looking for someone to talk to. I am bored in my marriage and although not looking
to change my situation I am looking to meet someone to chat with, maybe hang out with,
and if we connect then maybe a FWB.

shutdown. now what?—m4w—52 (fburg) 

Looks like the government is going to shutdown. I am going to have a lot of time on
my hands for email and making new friends. MWM here. Not looking for a date or sex.
Just someone interesting to talk to.

Government shutdown, no one at work today, need chat to keep me busy—m4w—44 (DC/Nova)

Hey there, no one is in the office today except myself and a couple of other people.
I could use some good conversation to help me get through what will be a very long
day. I’m a handsome white male, well-educated and professional. Any topic is great.
I have lots of interests and a few hobbies.

WSC silver spring—m4m (ss)

Friday 5:30ish Silver Spring WSC. You- handsome white guy in sauna. You were chatting
with your friends about the pending govt shutdown. I was staring at your gorgeous
body and loving your southern accent. I think you took notice of my efforts to get
your attention. Hit me back if this is you. I really want to connect with you.

Are you #Shutdown? Get a free guitar lesson

Hey—did you just get furloughed?

Play the “Silver Lining Blues”, and grab a free guitar lesson, courtesy of yours truly.
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