Maryland’s First Himalayan Salt Cave Opens in May

Salt therapy is said to relieve symptoms of respiratory ailments such as allergies.

Maryland’s first Himalayan salt cave is slated to open on May 9. Image via Shutterstock.

On May 9, the first Himalayan salt cave in Maryland opens at Bethesda’s Massage Metta. Salt caves are touted for their healing benefits, which fans say include easing seasonal allergies, stress, eczema, and psoriasis. Himalayan salt is considered the purest salt form in the world, and is packed with natural minerals. When the salt is inhaled, it supposedly loosens mucus and draws water into airways, alleviating sinus issues.

Owner and lead massage practitioner Janine Narayadu first discovered the effects of salt caves after visiting one in Asheville, North Carolina, which she says “recharged” her body. Narayadu’s experience in North Carolina and observation of local children inspired her to open her own cave. “We have so many children in our area that suffer from allergies,” she says. “This is a way for them to find respite from the pollen in the air.”

Narayadu’s cave is made up of about 32 tons of imported salt rock from the Himalayas. It features a halo generator that crushes salt into a fine power and disperses it into the air. Patrons will be able to lounge in the cave for 45 minutes before, during, or after a massage.

Groupon deals for Massage Meta are currently available; Circe of Alexandria (123 N. Washington St., Alexandria) offers similar services.