Lunch Break: 5 Paleo-Friendly Options in Washington

Hit these major chains for a satisfying lunch that won’t break your diet.

Look for Paleo-friendly avocado in your lunch options. Photograph via Shutterstock.

Plenty of people credit the Paleo diet with helping them eat better and feel healthier. But in the middle of a busy day at work, it’s not always easy to find quick lunch spots that cater to the grain-dairy-legume-sugar-free diet. 

We parsed the menus at five popular chain restaurants and came up with some suggestions for what to order, plus a few things to avoid. 


Say yes to: A make-your-own mix of roast chicken on a bed of organic baby spinach and mesclun, with organic carrots, toasted almonds, local apples, and red grapes topped with extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Avoid: The raw corn—which is really a grain, not a vegetable—and the candied pecans, which are loaded with sugar. 


Say yes to: A burrito bowl filled with lettuce, a meat of your choice, fajita vegetables, salsa, and guacamole. 

Avoid: The beans and rice, which are off limits. Also, instead of balancing out the spicy meat with cheese and sour cream, load up on the delicious superfood guacamole instead.

Pret a Manger 

Say yes to: Chicken and avocado salad with cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil. 

Avoid: The soups. Though Pret’s butternut squash and tomato soups may look promisingly dairy-, grain-, and legume-free, there’s a splash of cream in both that makes them forbidden.

Roti Mediterranean Grill

Say yes to: A Greek-inspired salad with steak, olives, tomatoes and cucumbers, sumac onions, and Roti vinaigrette. 

Avoid: Feta and pita bread, though staples of the Greek salad, aren’t on the Paleo diner’s guest list. 

Jimmy John’s

Say yes to: A sandwich! Or rather, an “unwich”—a lettuce wrap stuffed with smoked turkey, tomato, and more lettuce, and slathered in avocado spread. 

Avoid: Mayo and cheese—most of Jimmy John’s sandwiches come with these toppings, but to stay Paleo, you’ll have to pass on both. 

Have another favorite Paleo-friendly restaurant or menu item? Give us your recommendations in the comments!  

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