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TV Recap: State of Affairs, Season 1, Episode 8, “Ghosts”

Get me out of this jungle.

The First Husband shows a new side in this week's State of Affairs. Image via NBC.

After last week’s brief briefing shake-up, things mostly return to the status quo: Mo resigns as POTUS’s briefer and Charlie works her way back into the fold, while presumably still working Bellerophon, as well. The team also manages—almost—to rescue Jack Dawkins from the Panamanian jungle, until the mysterious Krieg Group gets to him first. Meanwhile, the Ar Rissalah threat continues to loom, the First Husband gets some character development, and we find out just how far David is willing to go for his job. Let’s recap.


Between Mo telling Kurt in no uncertain terms to butt out of her business and admitting to Charlie that trying to fill her role was like “wearing your sister’s bra,” she continues to be impressively—and refreshingly—candid.

I enjoyed Adam Arkin as the smarmy Victor Gantry, even more so if him being on the show means we get fewer scenes of Syd feeding pigeons.

State of Affairs: surprisingly educational about piranhas.


David took a dive into a moral gray area, butting heads with Marshall and (presumably) trading sex with Senator Green’s press secretary for information. I like him as mercenary, but he is really terrible at flirting. Speaking of bad game, I’m pretty sure Lucas claiming that quick and dirty was his “specialty” made everyone in a five-mile radius of my television cringe.

Controlled Outcomes: Still a silly name for something that’s supposed to sound intimidating.


Has the CIA sprung a serious leak, or is Kyle Green secretly a magical leprechaun? One of those has got to be true for her to have information before POTUS does. And what could she be up to with POTUS’s husband?

Apparently the Greek community can be a great place to recruit for your nascent American terrorist network—especially if you throw in complimentary backpacks.

Where do we think Nick learned so much about gems?

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