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Washington, DC’s Best Financial Advisers: Bank Wealth Advisers

Best Financial Advisers in DC
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On the list of top wealth advisers, you won’t see many professionals from banks and brokerages. One reason is that those advisers often get clients from existing bank relationships, not necessarily outside referrals—so a peer survey can miss them.

Yet while some investors prefer small, independent firms like the ones that dominate that list, others want a big name such as Merrill Lynch or Wells Fargo behind their money. Plus, an adviser at a big bank or brokerage may have access to initial public offerings, venture equity, and other investments not offered by small shops.

So we asked the following banks and brokerages for the names of their financial advisers with the most assets under management, or AUM. These are the names the institutions provided. While having a high AUM is no guarantee that an adviser is among the best, it does suggest that he or she is doing something right to keep and attract clients.

Where an adviser is based may matter less than the relationship you have with that person. “The adviser may be very smart,” says Morgan Stanley’s Marvin McIntyre, “but it’s much more important that you like them and trust them.”

FEATURED: Susan Traver
Susan Traver is the regional president for BNY Mellon Wealth Management in its Mid-Atlantic Region. In this role, she manages all portfolio management and new business development activities in the region. She is an active board member for the DC Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and is on the advisory board of American University’s Kogod School of Business.

Regional President, BNY Mellon Wealth Management Washington, DC
1250 H Street, NW, Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20005


Jan E. Conner. CFP, Fairfax; 703-293-3722

Adam Deal. Downtown DC; 202-478-4753

Douglas French. CFP, Manassas; 703-331-1257

Christina H. James. CFP, Herndon; 703-437-2921

S. Suzanne Kim. CFP, Fairfax; 703-259-2457

Jason Poe. Annandale; 703-813-1295

Dana Williams. Columbia; 443-367-5263

BNY Mellon

Bruce Holmquist. Downtown DC; 202-624-7947

Christopher Ross. Downtown DC; 202-624-7955

Susan Traver. Downtown DC; 202-624-7946

Burke & Herbert Bank

Travis Clarke. CFP, Alexandria; 703-837-3838

William Cole. CFP, Annandale; 703-837-3842

Mauricio Perea. CFP, CFA, Alexandria; 703-919-8540

Christopher Talbert. CFP, McLean; 703-837-3834

Capital One Investing

Keyan Abrishamkar. Rockville and Gaithersburg; 240-507-8901

Rosemarie Cohen. CFP, Rockville; 301-255-6327

George Enone. Silver Spring; 240-224-4579

Kregg Hanowell. Germantown; 301-938-7491

Greg Pang. McLean; 301-718-6718

Ann Phimmasone. Lansdowne; 571-271-1306

Anoput Phimmasone. Downtown DC; 202-603-6094

Charles Schwab

Grant Joiner. McLean; 703-761-1570

Gregory Matthews. Bethesda; 301-941-9801

Dennis Oparaugo. Bowie; 240-334-4366

Nick Shea. downtown DC; 202-530-1870

Chevy Chase Trust

Lawrence P. Fisher II. Bethesda; 240-497-5090

Susan Freed. CFP, Bethesda; 240-497-5009

Deborah Gandy. Bethesda; 240-497-5074

Michael Gildenhorn. JD, Bethesda; 240-497-5094

Craig Pernick. Bethesda; 240-497-5092

Marc Wishkoff. Bethesda; 240-497-5023


Rose Cohen. downtown DC; 202-776-1506

David Orleans. downtown DC; 202-776-1507

Michael Persinski. CFA, downtown DC; 202-776-1526

Deutsche Bank

Richard Harris. downtown DC; 202-626-7008

Todd Kingsley. downtown DC; 202-626-7059

Perry Trimble. downtown DC; 202-626-7010

Seth Wernick. downtown DC; 202-626-7013

J.P. Morgan

Courtney Straus. CFA, downtown DC; 202-533-2115

Merrill Lynch

Gregory Baker. CIMA, Bethesda; 301-215-4424

Ronya Corey. CFP, ChFC, CRPC, downtown DC; 202-659-6081

Jeffrey W. Eveland. CFP, CRPC, Leesburg; 703-779-2130

Neil J. Goetzman. Alexandria; 703-838-6816

Paul F. (Skip) Goree III. CFP, CRPC, downtown DC; 202-659-7494

Particia Flowers Jacobina. CFP, CRPC, Vienna; 703-734-8022

Neil Kishter. downtown DC; 202-659-5033

Steve Lvovsky. CIMA, Rockville; 301-230-6634

Robert Moon. downtown DC; 202-659-3068

William F. Orr. CIMA, Frederick; 301-698-4710

Greg Popera. Vienna; 703-734-8194

Thomas Rietano. downtown DC; 202-659-7421

David Ruben. Bethesda; 301-215-4410

William Slater. downtown DC; 202-659-7387

Rob Testwuide. CFP, Reston; 703-464-8809

Morgan Stanley

Brett W. Anthony. downtown DC; 202-862-9082

Donald Caron Jr. downtown DC; 202-857-5437

Lynn Alexis Lee Corey. CIMA, Alexandria; 703-535-8375

Donald Caron Jr. downtown DC; 202-857-5437

Jonathan R. Legg. downtown DC; 202-862-9003

Marvin McIntyre. downtown DC; 202-778-1381

Hugh L. (Trip) McLaughlin III. CIMA, downtown DC; 202-862-9152

Thomas Mergner. Bethesda; 301-657-6359

Matthew J. Offen, downtown DC; 202-862-9035

Michael J. O’Neill, downtown DC; 202-862-9140

John Reim. downtown DC; 202-862-9111

Robert S. Scherer. (Graystone Consulting, a business of Morgan Stanley) Potomac; 202-279-6403

Dexter Walker. downtown DC; 202-862-7522

John M. Williams. downtown DC; 202-862-2870

James Whelan Wohlgemuth. downtown DC; 202-862-9006


J. Max Barger. JD, McLean; 703-506-2967

Todd Chester. CFA, downtown DC and Baltimore; 410-347-8177

Cindy Condyles. downtown DC; 202-835-5375

Christina Crow. McLean; 703-506-2750

Brian Ellis. CFA, Bethesda; 301-347-3213

Scott Emmer. JD, Bethesda; 301-347-3203

Brian Horan. Bethesda; 301-347-3208

Jonathan Horgan. CFA, McLean; 703-506-2788

Ken Killfoil. CIMA, downtown DC; 202-835-6883

Bruce Koshkish. Bethesda; 301-347-3226

Robert Magielnicki. JD, downtown DC and Baltimore; 202-973-6711

Nancy McColgan. CFP, downtown DC and Baltimore; 410-237-5967

George Rubeiz. downtown DC; 202-835-6867

Stephen Thormahlen. downtown DC; 202-835-5264

Valerie Vander Molen. McLean; 703-506-2787

James Barnette Jr., CFP, Reston; 703-406-8440

Steve Lee. Columbia; 443-276-9595

John Lynch. Fulton and Reston; 410-715-3600

Tony Nerantzis. Leesburg; 703-737-0030

Todd Shaw III. Ellicott City; 410-418-8627

Rick Wagener. CFP, CLU, ChFC, Columbia; 443-276-9595

Raymond James

James Barnette Jr. CFP, Reston; 703-406-8440

Steve Lee, Columbia; 443-276-9595

John Lynch, Fulton and Reston; 410-715-3600

Tony Nerantzis, Leesburg; 703-737-0030

Todd Shaw III, Ellicott City; 410-418-8627

Rick Wagener, CFP, CLU, ChFC, Columbia; 443-276-9595


Loren Danielson. downtown DC; 202-661-9566

Ann Marie Etergino. CIMA, AIF, Chevy Chase; 301-907-2772

Sally Kirkpatrick. JD, AIF, Chevy Chase; 301-907-2758

Steven Ross. CFP, the Ross Group, downtown DC; 202-661-9519

Sandy Spring Bank

Frederic Burke. JD, CFP, CEBS; Bethesda, Olney, and Fairfax; 301-774-8410


Thomas J. Gletner Jr. downtown DC; 202-879-7077

Michael J. Leasure. CFP, Chevy Chase; 240-781-0012

Jim McCormack. CRPC, Vienna; 703-442-1713

Annette Nicolay.  Chevy Chase; 240-781-0018

Sunil K. Setia. downtown DC; 202-879-6391

Roger Wallach. Vienna; 703-442-1509

Tony Wykes. Chevy Chase; 240-781-0016


Patrick Adams. CFP, ChFC, downtown DC; 202-585-5365

Robert Allred. CFP, downtown DC; 202-585-5425

Paul “Skip” Anderson. Bethesda; 301-718-5010.

Keith Apton. downtown DC; 202-585-5358

Wm. Randall Cone, AIF. CIMA, downtown DC; 202-585-5466

Susan Crown. CIMA, downtown DC; 202-585-5415

Sandra Cunningham. CFP, CIMA, downtown DC; 202-585-5348

Barry Haffner. downtown DC; 202-585-5440

Hammond Han. downtown DC; 202-654-6600

Brandon Mink. CRPC, Vienna; 703-734-8470

Stephen Park. CRPC, Vienna; 703-734-8484

Arun Sardana. CIMA, Bethesda; 301-718-5098

United Bank

Michael Bolen. Arlington; 703-531-2955

Derek Elphick. CFA, Bethesda; 301-280-7633

Andrew McCully. Vienna; 703-442-7115

Richard Spivey. CLU, ChFC, Bethesda; 301-280-7630

William (Bill) Vyskocil. RPA, Bethesda; 301-280-7632

Edward (Ned) Worthington IV. Bethesda; 301-280-7631

U.S. Trust

Marc Broderick. McLean; 703-761-8392

Christopher Carr. downtown DC; 202-442-7551

Maria Clarke. CFA, McLean; 703-761-8050

Zachary Cohen. CFP, Chevy Chase; 202-380-1726

Lis Driscoll. Chevy Chase; 240-380-1722

Blair Ege, CRPC. downtown DC; 202-442-7448

Thomas T. Firth. Chevy Chase; 240-380-1757

Dionne Gumbs. downtown DC; 202-442-7547

Christopher Johnston. Chevy Chase; 240-380-1751

Julio Lacayo. Chevy Chase; 240-380-1728

Ramona Mockoviak. McLean; 703-761-9327

Michael Savage. JD, CFP, downtown DC; 202-442-7477

Geoffrey Sipes. Chevy Chase; 703-761-8380

Brent Smith. downtown DC; 202-442-7397

Connie A. Torabian. downtown DC; 240-380-1742

Wells Fargo

Neal Abravanel. CFP, CRPC, Bethesda; 301-961-0123

Deborah Bowles. CFP, Bethesda; 301-961-0157

Tristan Caudron. CFP, CRPC, AAMS, Alexandria; 703-739-4548

Bradford Coyle. CRPC, McLean; 703-827-7611

Susan Gallagher. CFP, Bethesda; 301-961-0140

Thomas Haselhorst. McLean; 703-761-4747

Gregory Keil. downtown DC; 202-861-4451

Christopher Sargent. downtown DC; 202-872-6570

Tripp Shreves. CIMA, downtown DC; 202-861-4417

Marcia Simpkins. downtown DC; 202-828-8126

David Speck. Alexandria; 703-739-4548

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