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Pictures of DC Residents’ Pets Really Not Caring About the Government Shutdown Are Becoming a Thing

Ring in 2019 with #FURlough

It’s the tenth day of the partial government shutdown. For some DC residents, that means minor inconveniences in their travel or leisure. But for the thousands of federal workers who aren’t able to work (or get paid), there’s even less to do around town. Some may choose to work odd jobs in the lapse or just cross their fingers and hope to get back to the grind in the new year. And the District of Columbia Subreddit is here to make that gap a little cheerier. Enter the “#FURlough,” a tag on the DC forum that encourages residents to post pictures of their animals lounging about the house during the shutdown.

Feast your eyes on some very good—and very unemployed—floofers below:

Tiberius the Carpathian, scourge of the shutdown from washingtondc

Bandit has had enough of this shutdown. Wants to get back to his job at the NSA. from washingtondc

They cant shut down the steps of a monument, can they? from washingtondc

Luckily DOD and this brave sailor are funded during the shutdown! from washingtondc

Dax giving zero fucks about the shutdown from washingtondc

It’s a shutdown so memes and shitposts are allowed so look at my cat from washingtondc

We ain’t kitten around, we don’t like walls from washingtondc

Seldon is unfazed by this human nonsense but happy that more time with grandpa means more junk food. Mom is still working. from washingtondc

What do you MEAN the parks are CLOSED? from washingtondc

Wait, what do you mean you might be staying home again next week too…? from washingtondc

No Way Am I Not Posting Floofers For My Cakeday/Govt Shutdown Meme Day(s) from washingtondc

Don’t count out the true millennial pets: houseplants

No pets but I do have this giant cactus from washingtondc

Former DC resident with no pets – Here’s a cactus in shit posting solidarity. from washingtondc

And perhaps the most universal pet of all: the home bar

I don’t have a pet, so I’ll just post what gets ME through the tough times. from washingtondc

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