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We Rounded Up Some of the Best Tweets About Sean Spicer’s Premiere on Dancing With the Stars

The Spice Man Cometh.

"I love Dancing With the Stars!!!!!" (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Editorial disclosure: I’ve never watched Dancing With the Stars before, and I’ve really never had any desire to. I say this as someone who has no problem consuming what’s usually classified as “trash TV.” It just seems something that’s extra sad, the sparkly, unitard-laden resting place where reality television stars go to die.

Anyways, Sean Spicer is on it this season, which definitely ups the sadness factor a full notch. And oh, boy, did he not disappoint: The former White House Press Secretary came out in a flouncy, fluorescent green blouse, the likes of which even Liberace would think about wearing twice. And, because this is 2019 and who TF even knows what is happening anymore, his routine was set to the Spice Girls and began with him playing a set of bongos. Please observe below:

To be fair, he did warn us, though:

Because this is the sort of thing that seems to have been made for the internet, of course we had to round-up some of the best Spicey DWTS tweets. Behold the Twitter-verse delighting:

Happy Wednesday, all. May you channel the energy of Spicer shimmying on national television.

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