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John Mulaney Came to DC and Ranted About Scooters

Comedian John Mulaney was in town yesterday and, like many visitors before him, complained about DC on social media—but not for the same tired old reasons we’re used to hearing (“fake” baseball fans, swamps, etc.). The Big Mouth star and Georgetown alum was particularly annoyed by scooters and the Washington suits who ride them.

As reported on Twitter by CityLab’s Andrew Small, Mulaney ranted on Instagram about the clutter of DC’s trendy transport. “My sister just sent a message to inform me that John Mulaney was hate-gramming about scooters in D.C. and I can’t wait for the standup routine,” Small writes. 

It wasn’t just the ugly hunks of metal that frustrated him, though: Apparently some chump almost zoomed into Mulaney’s sweet tiny French Bulldog, Petunia, who joined him on this trip. These menaces must be stopped!

All screenshots of Mulaney’s Insta story from Small’s original Tweet.

Jane Recker
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