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3 Captivating Longreads for a Corona-Free Weekend

A popularity contest in the chemo ward, the Naval Academy's war with a flamboyant professor, and the woman behind DC's escape rooms.

Illustration by Mark Matcho.

Looking for stories to take your mind off constant corona coverage? At your service.

I Was All Set to Become the Most Popular Guy in the Cancer Ward.

Then I met my nemesis: Ben.

The Naval Academy’s War with a Professor Who Sends Shirtless Pics, Offends Women and Minorities—and Somehow Came Out On Top

Photograph by April Greer.

From ivory-tower faculty lounges to the Pentagon, Bruce Fleming is known for being a chauvinistic, egoistic loudmouth. Also, one hardened warrior.

How a Math Teacher Built a Ludicrously Profitable Escape Room Empire

Photograph by April Greer.

Meet Ginger Flesher-Sonnier, who made the Disney World of escape rooms in the DC area.