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The Blind Triplets in Virginia Who Won So Many Fans Now All Appear to Have Covid-19

One Cantos boy is in the hospital, while two others also display symptoms.

The Cantos brothers. Photo by Evy Mages
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A family in Northern Virginia whose story has captured many hearts in Washington is now battling Covid-19. Leo, Steven, and Nick Cantos—triplets who were born blind and who were later adopted by a blind man, a story we told in 2016—all appear to be infected, according to a Facebook post this morning from their father, Ollie Cantos.

On April 20, Ollie Cantos posted the news that Leo was likely infected and was hospitalized. He asked for prayers and messages of support that he could read, via FaceTime audio, to his son. The post received more than 600 comments from around the world. A Covid-19 test subsequently confirmed that Leo has coronavirus.

The brothers are all in college—Leo and Nick attend Southern Virginia University, while Steven is at George Mason University. According to this morning’s Facebook post, the brothers had been sheltering in place together for a month, although visitors had come and gone from the apartment. Leo, who has been on oxygen since April 20, showed some signs of improvement yesterday. Meanwhile, Steven and Nick, are exhibiting milder symptoms, including headache, coughing, and shortness of breath, and are being treated at home.

“Amidst what are admittedly extraordinarily distressing developments, we are comforted in knowing that things could be so very much worse for each of them,” Ollie wrote on Facebook. “All of you who have sent thoughts and prayers their way are a part of why things have gone as well as they have.”

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