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These Are the Protests Happening Around DC This Week

Demonstrations are aimed at education, the pandemic-related closure of religious centers, and more.

Protesters on June 3 on 16th Street, NW. Photograph by Evy Mages

This week, activists around DC are turning their attention to racial justice and law enforcement issues, both at home and abroad, as Election Day nears. Here what’s going on this week.


Tent City: Several racial justice groups around the city—including the Palm Collective and Occupy DC—have created Tent City, a “live-in” occupation outside of the US Department of Education (400 Maryland Ave., SW). The “citizens” of Tent City—the activists living inside the tents—have six demands they say will create a more equitable education system. They include canceling student loan debt and increasing Title IV Pell Grants. Each day, there are outreach activities planned, including town halls and film screenings, which are open to everyone. More information here.

Trump/Pence Out Now: Everyday at 5 PM, Refuse Fascism DC and DC Protests are holding a protest at the Supreme Court (1 First St., NE) to protest Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court and the Trump/Pence administration. Handmaids-Tale-inspired red robes and “wings” will be provided. More information here


#EndSARS candlelight vigil: Following weeks of protests in Nigeria aimed at disbanding the Special Anti-Robbery Squad police unit (SARS), this week the Nigerian military cracked down on protests. They fired into crowds at protests in Lagos and allegedly killed at least one person. On Friday, the DC chapter of Black Lives Matter will hold a candlelight vigil at the Nigerian Embassy (3519 International Ct., NW) starting at 6 PM. More information here


Justice for Dominique Mulkey: The TheyThem Collective will hold their weekly march to defund and disband the police in honor of Dominique Mulkey, a Black man who was shot and killed by police  in Tampa Bay, Florida. The march will begin at 7 PM in Dupont Circle, and participants are asked to wear black. More information here.

Police, Pastors, and Prayer: Bolster the Blue, an organization dedicated to supporting police officers in Fairfax County, will hold a “unity celebration” of the police in front of the Fairfax County Courthouse (4110 Chain Bridge Rd.) in collaboration with the Fairfax County GOP. Jason Yates of My Faith Votes, a political group dedicated to mobilizing Christian voters, will speak. The rally will start at 2 PM. More information here


Let Us Worship: Sean Feucht, pastor and founder of Hold the Line, a Christian political advocacy group, is hosting a worship service and demonstration to protest the pandemic closures of religious centers. The service will be held on the National Mall at 4 PM on Sunday, and it marks the end of the “Let Us Worship” tour. Feucht has put on similar services in Nashville and California. Note that masks will not be required for this event. More information here


Rally to Reclaim Rent Control: The DC Chapter of the Sunrise Movement, the Latino Economic Development Center, and DC Jobs with Justice, a nonprofit coalition of labor organizations, are coming together to hold this rally in support of a rent stabilization and reform bill. The bill is scheduled to be heard by the DC City Council Housing Committee on November 9. The rally will start at 6:30 PM on Tuesday at Freedom Plaza (14th Street and Pennsylvania Ave., NW). More information here


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