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Here’s What’s on a Bunch of Locals’ Post-Pandemic Bucket Lists (Besides Going to the 9:30 Club)

Dare to dream about Ethiopian restaurants on U Street and watching soccer at the Queen Vic.

A window seat at Toki Underground. Photograph by Scott Suchman

This week, a Redditor posed an optimistic question to the /washingtondc community: “We’re nearly there DC, and you owe yourself some positivity. What’s on your ‘When the pandemic is over…’ list?”

There were hundreds of responses (not surprisingly, Nats games and the 9:30 Club came up a lot). Here’s what else folks are missing hard:

“I am gonna read every single little placard at the air and space museum.”-Findingmyway1

“Sit at a bar… INSIDE… and have a cold, cold, COLD martini at Martin’s in Georgetown.” –quoi-de-9

“MAGFest, Katsucon, Otakon and Dragoncon. Thats going to be my convention reunion tour.” –Midnight_Morning

“I want to sit down and eat Ethiopian food in a restaurant around U Street. Then I want to walk to Atlantic Plumbing and watch a movie. After that, I want to go to DC9 and dance myself silly. I want it to be so packed that at one point, someone pushes past me and accidentally knocks my elbow so my drink spills a bit. Then I want to wander over to one of the pizza places to grab a giant slice of pizza to stave off a hangover because I actually have plans for the next day that don’t involve sitting in a circle in a park where the topic of conversation continually becomes about covid.” NorseTikiBar

“Glen Echo Park. I’m a swing dancer and a blues dancer living in an abusive household. It was my home away from home. There’s a reason why I call the Spanish Ballroom ‘the happiest place in the Beltway.’” –ropbop19

“The ballet. More than anything. More than the job I love that I haven’t done in a year, more than date nights, more than anything, I want to go to the ballet. Whoever’s at the Kennedy Center. Oklahoma City Ballet? Sure!” abillionbells

“I’m considering visiting every museum with a sign around my neck that says “I’m new talk to me.” –dimma_darn

“I want to be jammed into the very crowded Showtime bar on a Saturday night with a cold basic beer while I watch all of the drunk late night kids stumble in and be dumbstruck that this ‘cool hipster bar’ doesn’t offer margaritas or take credit cards.”-picscomment89

“A glorious bowl of Toki Classic in their cramped-ass barstools while pretending to [not] listen in on the couple next to me’s conversation.”-macacoa

“Pug bathroom.”-SunnyFloridaAve

“I miss the top floor of the former Patents Office, the rotunda of the National Gallery, and the kitchen counter at Pizzeria Paradiso.”-XComThrowawayAcct

“First thing I want to do is go get a scotch tasting at the Jack Rose and a big ass slice of pizza.”-Midnight_Rising

“Watching a Liverpool match at Exiles or the Vic. Watching Detroit City FC at Ivy and Coney. Watching soccer with other people basically.”-4look4rd

“I just want Coddmother [sic] to comeback to life with its shitty playlists, drinks, and trashiness. It breaks my heart that one of the few dive bars in the area closed down.”-4look4rd

Ann Limpert
Executive Food Editor/Critic

Ann Limpert joined Washingtonian in late 2003. She was previously an editorial assistant at Entertainment Weekly and a cook in New York restaurant kitchens, and she is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education. She lives in Logan Circle.