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You Can See a Pair of Million-Dollar Koenigsegg Hypercars in Northern Virginia This Weekend

It's probably the closest most gearheads will get to the Gemera and the Jesko Absolut, which each go for seven figures.

The Jesko Absolut. All photographs courtesy Koenigsegg.

Two of the world’s most exclusive cars will be on view in Vienna this weekend: Koenigsegg’s Gemera and Jesko Absolut. Both are in the class of “megacars”: They sport seven-digit price tags and are produced in quantities of fewer than 1,000 per model.

The Gemera is likely the closest the Swedish carmaker will come to producing a family car: It’s a plug-in hybrid that seats four and includes eight cupholders. Oh, also it has 1,700 bhp, can go from 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, and starts at $1.7 million. Let’s look at it for a moment.

Note the cupholders.

The Jesko Absolut is a tad less family-vacation friendly. While it is a road-oriented version of the track-monster Jesko (there is, for instance, more room for luggage in the front trunk), the Jesko Absolut is about speed. It’s the fastest car the company ever plans to build and could theoretically go 330 mph, Christian von Koenigsegg said last month, subject to “road and driver willingness,” of course. (The Bugatti Chiron broke the once-thought-to-be-unbreakable 300 mph barrier in 2019.) The Absolut trades the Jesko’s humongous rear wing for two fins that lend it some Batmobile energy; it will run you about $3.4 million. But how can you put a price on laughing at air’s limitations?

The cars will be on view at Exclusive Automotive Group in Vienna from 9 AM-5 PM on Saturday.

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