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Meow Wolf’s Psychedelic Art Installation Is a No-Go in Fort Totten

An exhibit from the buzzy art collective is on hold. Organizers are scouting for a new site.

Meow Wolf's This is Electric Forest in Santa Fe. Photo by Flickr User, Sharat Ganapati

Washington was excited about the psychedelic art collective Meow Wolf coming to Fort Totten, possibly as soon as 2022. But those plans have now been scrapped. And Meow Wolf says it’s currently evaluating where and when it could come to DC.

“We have reevaluated our original plan in Fort Totten and are still in the exploratory phase, which means we are looking at several options as to what an exhibition in DC will entail,” a spokesperson for Meow Wolf says in a statement. “We currently do not have concrete plans, but we will continue to update our community as our plans develop.”

Meow Wolf is an art collective based in New Mexico that specializes in psychedelic art. Since its debut in 2008, the group has garnered national attention for its colorful, mind-bending installations in Santa Fe and Las Vegas. The collective had announced in 2018 that it would be bringing a fourth permanent installation of its critically acclaimed “The House of Eternal Return” to Art Place in Fort Totten.

Damare Baker
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