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A DC Animal Shelter Is Waiving Adoption Fees Through This Weekend

The shelter is full, and pets are in need of new homes.

Draco is one of the many animals up for adoption at the Human Rescue Alliance. Photo courtesy of the Human Rescue Alliance.

Feeling left out because all of your friends adopted pets during the pandemic and you haven’t (yet)? The Humane Rescue Alliance’s shelter is at capacity with more than 150 animals up for adoption, and adoption fees (typically $10 to $250) are waived through Sunday, June 27. The adoption centers are currently closed, but prospective pet-owners are able to meet their potential pets virtually.

Of course there are cats and dogs of all sizes that need homes, but there are also more unique pets to choose from: a bird, turtles, hamsters, rabbits, and even a pig appropriately named Poombah.

Even if you can’t adopt, HRA is looking for people to foster animals, too.