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Report: There’s a Serial Egger on the Loose in Georgetown

Oeuf, that's gotta hurt.

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Someone in a red sedan has been pelting people with eggs in Georgetown. The Hoya reports that victims include Georgetown University students (“I was drenched in egg yolk,” Jack Buckley told the paper) and a Georgetown Day School student (“It was just a wow-I-really-just-got-egged type of moment,” Ben Finkelstein said).

Ouef, that’s gotta hurt!

In all, the paper identified six “egging incidents,” five of them in the past two weeks. Some students organized a stakeout Thursday night, but there is no news yet of a satisfactory conclusion.

Georgetown is not the only place in the US beset by egg-throwing incidents. A woman wearing a pink gorilla mask lobbed a yolk-filled oval at gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder on Wednesday.

So far, there is no word on a possible motive for the Georgetown eggings. Watch your back.

Disclosure: The author once played in a band called Eggs.

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