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Pablo, the Puppy Stolen at Gunpoint, Is Home!

He's apparently "back to his usual hungry, playful, puppy self"

Photo courtesy of MPD.

Pablo, the photogenic Australian shepherd-mix stolen in a crime spree Wednesday, has been found! Last night, DC police seized the dog from a “residence in NE” and also made “several arrests” in the case, according to the department’s Twitter. Bruno, the French bulldog nabbed in the same spree, still remains missing.

Abby Sevcik, one of Pablo’s owners, has made several social media posts about her reunion with Pablo. In a Tiktok, Pablo can be seen furiously licking the faces of Sevcik and her boyfriend, Rick Oleka, who police say was with Pablo on Wednesday when he was stolen at gunpoint. According to the video, Pablo is “back to his usual hungry, playful, puppy self.”

In her Tweets about Pablo, Sevcik thanks everyone who spread the word about Pablo’s theft on social media, shouts out the MPD’s carjacking unit for recovering him, and asks followers to keep up “the momentum for our boy Bruno,” the French bulldog for whom police are still searching.

According to police reports, the dog-nappings of Pablo and Bruno were part of a larger crime spree on Wednesday that allegedly resulted in the thefts of multiple iPhones and a pair of shoes, as well as two nonlethal shootings. Yesterday, MPD was looking for four suspects in the case, but they have not clarified if all four have been apprehended.

Sylvie McNamara
Staff Writer