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Check Out Some of the Intense Reaction to the Commanders’ High-Energy Season Opener

Celebrities and jubilant fans packed FedEx Field, some in crazy outfits.

Sam Howell and Curtis Samuel celebrate the Commanders' victory. Photograph courtesy of the Commanders.

Welcome to a new era. On Sunday, the Washington Commanders and new owner Josh Harris notched their first victory of the regular season against the Arizona Cardinals, 20-16. Long-suffering Washington football fans who had waited for Dan Snyder to sell the team came out in full force and ended up celebrating a victorious start. We rounded up reactions from local celebrities, touching human moments, and posts by costumed fans to capture the sheer enthusiasm of yesterday.


Celebrities in the House

The Commanders’ new commander, Josh Harris, was joined by a number of local celebrities, including DC mayor Muriel Bowser, Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin, and local football legend Sonny Jurgensen. Harris also had a few other sports superstars accompanying him in the owner’s box, such as NBA stars Kevin Durant and Magic Johnson, who is a partial owner of the team.

Us too, Chad. Us too.

Magic Johnson hypes up Mother Harris for her adorable custom jersey.

Capitals’ star shooter Alex Ovechkin focuses on the game.

NBA MVP Joel Embiid and Kevin Durant greet each other before the game.


Incredible Moments

FedEx Field was sold out, and the energy from the crowd was unusually intense.

A day before the 22nd anniversary of the September 11th attacks, this flyover held special meaning.

Mike Phillips gave us goosebumps with his saxophone rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner.” He even held a note for over 20 seconds while the flyby took place. Serious lung-power, Mr. Phillips.

As Josh Harris makes his first appearance, fans welcome him with chants of “Thank you Josh!”

After getting toppled by a number of players, referee Derick Bowers seemingly rose from the dead to deliver a comedically concise penalty.

Fan Fashion

We got hogs in overalls, young fans flexing their fits, space assassins, and puppies. Here are some memorable outfits from yesterday’s game.

We love this little dude showing off his chain.

These two “Commanderlorians” were so excited about the start of the season, they came to FedEx Field from a galaxy far, far away.

What these two lack in shirts, they make up for in enthusiasm.

Someone give this pup a hug, doesn’t she know we won?

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