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Here are 2018's top doctors in the Washington, DC area, as voted by other area doctors. Search our database of thousands of professionals by specialty, location, or hospital affiliation to find the right fit for you.
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How We Select DC's Top Doctors

January 25, 2019

Each spring, we ask nearly 13,000 doctors in DC, Maryland, and Virginia to tell us which colleague they would recommend in a variety of specialties. To ensure the data’s accuracy, each physician was sent an online survey and obliged to log in with a current medical-license number registered in either the District, Maryland, or Virginia. Doctors could submit just one ballot each and could not vote for themselves. The top vote-getters in each of 39 categories were designated Top Doctors.

In this online list, winning physicians are identified with a “Best Doctors” logo. Our digital listings of physicians’ contact information also includes sponsors, but only top doctors designees carry the award logo.


I don’t see my doctor’s name here! Should I switch?

If your physician isn’t on our list, that doesn’t mean he or she isn’t providing good care. Some doctors who practice in large hospital departments aren’t part of normal referral networks and may often go unnamed. By the same token, some may work at smaller practices or are younger and not as widely known. If you like your doctor, it makes sense to continue that relationship.

Isn’t this just a big popularity contest?

In some ways, yes. Asking for a referral means your doctor will probably give you the name of the first physician who comes to mind, and this person is likely to be in your doctor’s circle. One difference here: It’s a good bet 13,000 doctors means a broader circle of professional associates.

I once went to one of the doctors on your list and it was a terrible experience.

While physicians may vote for the colleagues they respect, their experience interacting with them might be limited, so we recommend that you use good judgment. If you feel uncomfortable with a doctor, despite his or her credentials, find another.

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